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  1. What is the turning point of the Bible?
  2. What two divisions of scripture are mentioned when Jesus explains to the disciples on the road to Emmaus that the OT prophesied of his coming?
    Moses and the prophets
  3. (True/False) Jesus believed that the psalms anticipated His future ministry of suffering and glory.
  4. Whis Old Testamnet book is quoted more frequently in the New Testament than any other?
  5. (True/False) Jesus never quoted the Psalms in reference to himself.
  6. Explain the two ways the expression messianic psalm can be understood.
    • 1. A general sense - A messianic psalm is simply a psalm which anticipates the messiah
    • 2. Narrow sense - Some Psalms are prophetic and have no direct message of signifance for the OT period. They only predict the messiah
  7. (True/False) While no psalm is exclusively messianic in the narrow sense, all psalms look foward to Jesus Christ.
  8. What two grounds does Longman cite for our singing the Psalms to Jesus?
    • 1. Jesus is the son of God
    • 2. His relationship to the original singer
  9. Who fulfilled the promise that a son of David would sit forever on the throne?
    Jesus Christ
  10. What do we learn from Laments?
    How to be honest with God
  11. Against what two errors does Longman caution us when reading the psalms?
    • 1. Neglect the psalms original setting
    • 2 To miss the anticipation, the expectation of the psalms
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