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  1. What does Longman mean when he says that the old testament is in the Psalms?
    The Psalms are a "microcosm" of the message of the Old Testament
  2. (True/False) The book of Psalms is a systametic exposition of theology.
  3. What is the central theological concept behind the Psalms?
    God's covenant with his people
  4. What is a covenant?
    A formal agreement between two people
  5. Reasearch has revealed that a biblical covenant is closely related to political treaties from where?
    Ancient near east
  6. List the six parts of a typicalancient Near Eastern treaty.
    • 1. Identification of the parties making the treaty
    • 2. Historical prolog
    • 3. Law
    • 4. Blessings and curses
    • 5. Witnesses
    • 6. Deposit of the treaty text
  7. What is the core idea behind a covenant?
    A relationship
  8. What two points about our relationship with God does Longman emphasize?
    • 1. God is the creator and we are his creatures
    • 2. God is holy and we are sinners
  9. (True/False) The Psalmist speaks as one who is aware that Gos is with him.
  10. (True/False) In light of our understanding of covenant, we see in the Psalms that God blesses those who are righteous and chatises those who are disobedient.
  11. The Psalms that focus on forgiveness are known as what?
    Penitential psalms
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