1. What time should the PEU give for bid Preparation?
  2. The time allowed for the preparation and submission of bids shall be determined with due consideration of the particular circumstances of the project and the magnitude and complexity of the contract. Generally, not less than six weeks (42 days) from the date of the invitation to bid or the date of availability of bidding documents, whichever is later, shall be allowed for ICB. Where large works or complex items of equipment are involved, this period shall generally be not less than twelve (12) weeks (84 days) to enable prospective bidders to conduct investigations before submitting their bids. (2.44 of Policies)
  3. Can any consultant from an EU member country be hired for IDB funded consultancies?
  4. The Borrower’s Guide only refers to Goods be eligible from EU member states and not Consultants.
  5. Can a Consulting Firm associate after the Bank has give it’s no objection to the shortlist?
  6. Yes. However, the shortlisted firm must be the “lead firm” and the association must add values to the firms’ proposal. With regard to Shortlisted Firms, being able to associate (e.g. through joint venture or sub-consultancy) is only allowable if it receives the approval of the BORROWER (BDS 3.3(a). The Borrower cannot compel firms to associate (p5-6, GN-2350-7). See the “Letter of Invitation” in the Std. RFP No.3 & 6 (b) which also confirms that association is permissible.
  7. What is the threshold for using the SBD for Procurement of Works for “smaller contracts”?
  8. The SBD for the Procurement of Works for “Smaller Contracts” is used for works valued for LESS than US$10 million by ICB. However, for complex works UNDER US$10 million, such as marine works and water treatment plants, it may be preferable to use the SBD for complex works. (see preface in SBD).
  9. When is the AOP due?
  10. The AOP covers the period Jan- Dec and the deadline for submission is November 30th
  11. What are the elements of the AOP?
  12. 1. List of Expected Outputs and Outcomes for the year
    • 2. List of Activities and Schedule of Implementation for the year
    • 3. Procurement Plan
    • 4. Budget and Disbursement Projections
    • 5. Projected Monthly Cash flows
  13. When is the SAR due?
  14. January – June [Deadline August 30]
    July – December [Deadline February 28]
  15. When does a Performance Security expire?
  16. Performance Security shall be provided to the Contracting Agency no later than the date specified in the Letter of Acceptance and shall be issued in an amount specified in the SCC, by a bank or surety acceptable to the Contracting Agency, and denominated in the types and proportions of the currencies in which the Contract Price is payable. The Performance Security shall be valid until a date 28 days later than the date of issue of the Certificate of Completion in the case of a Bank Guarantee, and until one year later than the date of issue of the Completion Certificate in the case of a Performance Bond.
  17. Can a Firm submit a proposal for the hiring of an Individual Consultant even if the Firm is offering just one Consultant?
  18. No. Firms are not allowed to submit proposals where the procurement process is for the hiring of an individual. ONLY individuals can submit a CV. If a Firm submit a proposal it is disqualified immediately.
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