ISP Golden Bears

  1. H I V stands for
    Human Immunodeficiency Virus
  2. A I D S stands for
    Human Immune Deficiency Syndome
  3. List the 4 ways that body fluids can carry HIV
    blood, vaginal secretions, breast milk, seman
  4. S T D stands for
    Sexual Transmitted Diseases
  5. What 3 STD's can not cured?
    HIV, genital warts, herpes
  6. Name 2 major catergores of sexually transmitted diseases
    bacterial and viral
  7. Name 3 of the male reproductive organs
    penis, scrotom, testicles
  8. Name 3 female reproductive organs
    overies, vagina, cervix, fallopian tubes
  9. List 4 things a couples can do instead of having intercourse. (various answers)
    kiss, hug, massage, dancing, talking, listen to music, exercise
  10. List 2 ways for a women or man could protect themselves against contracting HIV.
    condom, abstinance, female condom
  11. List 2 ways for a woman to protect herself against becoming pregnant.
    abstinance, diaphram, condom, spermacide, diaphram, the pill
  12. List 2 reason why birth control and STD contraceptives are not 100% effective.
    human error and condom could brake
  13. List 3 things a person could do to reduce their chance of getting an STD
    be abstinent, use a comdom, get tested
  14. What is the only 100% effective method of controlling pregnancy and the spread of AIDS
  15. List 2 ways a person can go from geing considered HIV postive to having AIDS
    Having 1 of rh 26 illnesses specific to the virus, T-cell count of 200 or below
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