Science 6/2

  1. What do you call a reaction to a stimulus?
  2. What is insight learning?
    ´╗┐the process of learning how to solve a problem or do something new by applying what is already known
  3. What is conditioning?
    the process of learning to connect a stimulus with a good or bad outcome
  4. What is an area occupied or defended by a group of animals called?
  5. What is courtship behavior?
    the behavior that animals of the same species engage in to prepare for mating and reproducing
  6. What is migration behavior? Give an example.
    the regular, seasonal journey from one place to another and back again Example: birds flying south for the winter
  7. What do you call a special group of animals that live together?
  8. What are pheromones?
    a chemical released by one animal that affects the behavior of the same species, also used for communication
  9. What are pheromones NOT used for?
    to poison prey
  10. What is imprinting?
    a process in which newly hatched birds or newborn mammals learn to follow the first moving object they see
  11. Animals compete for food by showing what kind of behavior?
  12. Learning is a change in what?
  13. What do we call reduced body activity in the winter?
  14. What do we call behavioral patterns that happen daily?
    circadian rhythms
  15. True or False:
    Some birds hibernate in the winter, when they fly to warmer areas to find food.
    False, migrate
  16. True or False:
    You become better the more you practice is and example of trial and error.
  17. True or False:
    Animals travel in groups because they are less likely to be attacked.
  18. True or False:
    Most vertibrate behaviors are learned.
    False, instinctive
  19. True or False:
    Instincts are behaviors that are inborn and performed correctly the first time.
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