Response and Size-Up

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  1. The ongoing observation and evaulation of factors that are used to develop objectives, strategy, and tactics for fire suppression
  2. Activities that occur in preparation for an emergency and continue until the arrival of emergency apparatus at the scene
  3. The movement of fire into uninvolved areas of a structure
  4. Examination of the building and contents involved in a fire to ensure that the fire is completely extinguished
  5. Provides details about a building's construction, layout, contents, special hazards, and fire protection systems
    Preincident plan
  6. Dispatch information will include:
    • Location of incident
    • Type of emergency
    • Units due to respond
  7. An updated list of firefighters assigned to each vehicle or crew; to track all firefighters at every incident scene
    Personnel accountability system
  8. The initial size up of an incident is conducted when:
    The first unit arrives on scene
  9. Events and outcomes that can be predicted based on facts, observations, common sense, and previous experience are called:
  10. A preincident plan is helpful during size-up because it contains
    information about the structure
  11. Why is the age of the building often an important consideration in size-up?
    Building and fire codes change over time
  12. Who develops the incident action plan that outlines the steps needed to control the situation
    Incident Commander
  13. What is the first consideration at any emergency incident
    Protecting lives
  14. What is the secondary objective at any emergency incident
    Protecting property
  15. The incident commander assembles, interprets, and bases decisions on information presented in the
    Reconnaisance report
  16. Five basic fire ground objectives
    • 1. Rescue any victims
    • 2. Protect exposures
    • 3. Confine the fire
    • 4. Extinguish the fire
    • 5. Salvage property & Overhaul the fire
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