Brain ch 13

  1. What is the brain protected by?
  2. What is the brain first formed by during embryonic development?
    several vesicles
  3. Telecephalon
    endbrain - develops into cerebral hemispheres
  4. Dienchephalon
    interbrain - forms into thalamus, hypothalamus, epithalamus, & pituitary gland
  5. Brain stem
    contains midbrain, pons, & medullary oblongata

    arises from three vesicles
  6. Metencephalon
    afterbrain - where the cerebellum develops from
  7. What do the ventricles of the brain fill with?
    filled with CSF (cerbrospinal fluid) traveling around brain, goes down spinal corn, & returns up to brain & eventually draining into veins
  8. Choroid plexus
    produces CSF from plasma in blood
  9. Septum pellucidum
    seperates the two lateral ventricles
  10. third ventricle
    lie in diencephalon
  11. cerebral aqueduct
    lies in mesenchephalon
  12. fourth ventricle
    connects to subarachnoid space
  13. What are aperatures?
    openings helping to connect ventricles to spaces where CSG flows in with subarachnoid space
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