History Exam

  1. I was the first Ohioan to attempt to create a better type of transportation in Ohio. I wanted to connect the Ohio River to the Great Lakes. I was given financial support from Governor Ethan Allen Brown. Who Am I?
    Alfred Kelly
  2. I was from Warren County, Ohio. I served as Ohio's first and only U.S. Representative from 1803-1810. Who Am I?
    Jeremiah Morrow
  3. I was the president of the Ohio Constitutional Convention. I was from our first state capital of Chillacothe and was Ohio's first state govenor. Who Am I?
    Edward Tiffin
  4. I belonged to the Federalist Party. I was govenor of Ohio during the War of 1812. I have a fort named after me in Perrysburg, Ohio. Who Am I?
    Jonathan Meigs
  5. I was responsible for helping to settle the Northwest Territory in the 1790s. I proposed a plan to divide the land up in order to create more states to add to our Union. I was the first and only governor of this territory. Who Am I?
    Arthur St. Clair
  6. I was in charge of the key outpost of Fort Detroit, during the War of 1812. British General Isaac Brock tricked me into surrendering Fort Detroit. Who Am I?
    William Hull
  7. I was an Ohio Congressman from 1816-1819. I belonged to the Whig Party, when I was elected President of the United States. I was stricken with pneumonia during my inauguration and died one month later. I was also the winning general at The Battle of the Thames River in 1813. Who Am I?
    William Henry Harrison
  8. I was nicknamed "The Father of Ohio Statehood." The view shown in our state seal was taken from the view from my back yard. I was one of Ohio's first two U.S. Senators and later their governor. Who Am I?
    Thomas Worthington
  9. I was a war hero during the War of 1812. I had a monument buillt in my honor in Perrysburg, Ohio. Iwas best known for being the hero of the Battle of Lake Erie. My famous quote was "Don't give up the ship." Who Am I?
    Oliver Hazard Perry
  10. I was the governor of Ohio when the idea of building a canal system to connect the Ohio River with the Great Lakes was developed. I supported Mr. Kelley's idea. The Ohio Canal was finished in 1832 for a mere $5 million. Who Am I?
    Ethan Allen Brown
  11. William Henry Harrison
    • Whig
    • 9th president
  12. Ulysses Simpson Grant
    • Republican
    • 18th president
  13. Rutherford Birchard Hayes
    • Republican
    • 19th president
  14. James Abram Garfield
    • Republican
    • 20th president
    • Assassinated
  15. Benjamin Harrison
    • Republican
    • 23rd president
    • William Henry Harrison's grandson
  16. William McKinley
    • Republican
    • 25th president
    • Assassinated
  17. William Howard Taft
    • Republican
    • 27th president
    • Became chief justice of supreme court after presidency
  18. Warren Gamaliel Harding
    • Republican
    • 29th president
  19. Which city was our first and third state capital?
  20. Which city became our fourth state capital?
  21. What do we call Ohio's Legislative Branch?
    The Ohio General Assembly
  22. In Ohio's Legislative Branch, how many senators are there?
  23. In Ohio's Legislative Branch, how many representatives are there?
  24. Where was Losantiville and what do we call this city today?
    Southern Ohio; Cincinnati
  25. Who is the present govenor of Ohio?
    John Kasich
  26. What was the name of the war that was fought in the 1800s over land? The two men arguing over land were Robert Lucas nad Thomas Mason. Mason needed this land for his territory to become an official state. This war has sparked a rivalry that has carried over to the college football arena.
    The Toledo War
  27. This symbo became official in 1953. Nicknamed the Ohio Buckeye.
    Tree; American Horse Chestnut
  28. This symbol became official in 1959. It was originally "Imperium in Imperio."
    Motto; With God all things are possible.
  29. This symbol became official in 1975. This symbol was chosen for its attractive markings and helpful eating habits.
    Insect; Lady Bird Bettle
  30. This symbol became official in 1985. This song is a favorite of The Ohio State University Marching Band. An Ohio band, The McCoys, wrote it.
    Rock song; Hand On Sloopy
  31. This symbol became official in 1965. Ohio leads the nation in produciton of this juice and is second to California in growing this fruit.
    Beverage; Tomato juice
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