Psych Test 1

  1. What are the 4 types of learning styles?
    • Visual/Verbal
    • Visual/non Verbal (pictures)
    • Auditory
    • Tactile
  2. what are the types of degrees you can get in college? And how many years is it to get each one?
    • AA (2yrs)
    • B.A or B.S (4yrs)
    • M.A or M.S(7-8yrs)
    • PH.d(12yrs)
  3. what are the belief systems?
    • Scientific
    • Religious
    • Metaphysical
    • Cultural
  4. what is the scientific belief system?
    • -based on observable phenomena
    • -can be measured(in numbered)
    • -results can be replicated
  5. what is the religious belief system?
    • -based on "faith"
    • -words from religious leaders
    • writing from religious leaders

    • Examples:
    • -afterlife
    • -pastlife
    • -gods
  6. what is metaphysical belief system?
    • -based on "belief"
    • -personal experience with phenomena

    • Examples:
    • -aliens
    • -ghosts
  7. what is the cultural belief system?
    • -based on family practices
    • -usually "raised" with these ideas
  8. what is the definition of psychology?
    the science of behavior and mental processes
  9. what do psychologist do for a living?
    • -apply scientific method to study of human behavior
    • -study of human mind
    • -2 different types
    • -clinical/counseling
    • -reserch/teaching
  10. what is the difference b/w clinical and reserch psychologist?
    • clinical:
    • -help ppl solve personal problems
    • -treat/cure mental behavior
    • reserch:
    • -conduct scientific studies to understand human behavior
    • -teaches at colleges and universities
  11. what are the diferences b/w a clinical psycoloigist and a pshyiatrist?
    one can prescibe meds and the other one cant
  12. what are the contemporary perspectives of psychology?
    biopsychological, psychodymanic, Behavioral, Cognitive, Sociocultural, Humanistic, Evolutionary
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