macbeth Act IV

  1. What is happening in the beginning of this act?
    the witches are performing a spell
  2. What is the first apparition? What does it say?
    • an armed head
    • Macbeth x3! Beware Macduff! Beware the Thane of Fife. Dismiss me: enough
    • It warns Macbeth about Macduff
  3. What is the second apparition? What is its message?
    • A bloody child
    • Macbeth! X3
    • Be bloody, bold, and resolutio! Laugh to scorn the pow'r of man, for none of woman born shall harm Macbeth
    • it tells Macbeth to be confident; he has nothing to fear; noone will hurt him
  4. What does Macbeth say after the second apparition?
    Why do I need to fear Macduff? I'll just kill anyway to be sure.
  5. What is the third apparition? What does it say?
    • a child crowned with a tree in his hand
    • Be lion-mettled, proud, and take no care who chafes, who frets, or where conspirers are: Macbeth shall never vanquished be until Great Birnam Wood to high Dunsinane Hill shall come against him
    • Be proud and dont worry about anyone, you won't be vanquished until the forest moves to the castle
  6. What else do the witches show him?
    Eight kings and Banquo; the last king with a mirror in his hand; they all look like Banquo, who is pointing to them
  7. Who goes to tell Lady Macduff Macduff has fled?
    How did the son know that Lady Macduff was lying?
    What does she say when she finds out she will be killed?
    What do the murderers do?
    • Ross
    • she wasnt crying
    • she lives in a world where to do harm is good and to do good is dangerous
    • kill them all (son first)
  8. What is Malcolm's first accusation of himself?
    What is Macduff's response?
    • he has lust: noone could get rid of it
    • we can secretly manage your pleasures
  9. What is Malcolm's second offense of himself?
    What is Macduff's response?
    • He says tha the is greedy; he will throw the nobles off their land and take their jewels and houses; he would destroy them for wealth
    • That's worse than lust; and it has been the cause of death of kings; but their is abundance of your own to satisfy you
  10. What is Malcolm's third accusation of himself?
    What is Macduff's response?
    • he has no virtues; he is a criminal in act in many ways; if he had power he would cause an uproar
    • Macduff yells O Scotland Scotland!
  11. What is Macduff's fury about?
    What is Malcolm's reaction?
    • he says Scotland will never b e the same; there is noone like Duncan; there's no hope
    • he says he is no longer suspicious; he lied to see if Macduff was truly there for help or to take him; he is a virgin (not lusty), not covetous; he will call old Siward with ten thousand men who are already prepared for battle
  12. What is King Edward known for?
    he can heal people that medicine cannot; at his touch
  13. Who reported the news to Macduff?
    What does Malcolm want to do?
    What does Macduff say to this?
    • Ross
    • get revenge (fight it like a man)
    • he will fight it like a man, but first he has to feel it like a man
  14. What does Macduff say?
    he says that he wants to kill Macbeth and if he doesn't, then he is to be forgiven and escapes; noone touches him
  15. Pleased with the info, what one further thing does Macbeth desire to know and what is the answer he gets?
    • if Fleance will reign (Will Banquo's sons be king)
    • tes he and they will
  16. What news does Lennox give to Macbeth? What does he then decide? What is his next action?
    • Macduff fled ot England, where Malcom is. to try and get support and help in defeating Macbeth
    • from now on, he will just do things instead of say it.the castle of Macduff he will attack and kill all
  17. What is Macbeth's response?
    He will attack Macduff's castle and killeveryone. Realizes letting Macduff get away isn't good; whatever he thinks from now on he will do
  18. What is his resolve at the end of htis scnee? How is this different from previous actions?
    to kill Macduff's family and attack the castle; before he had a motive for killing someone, now he does it for no reason; he's angry; he is killing alot now
  19. Why does Lady MD think Macduff's flight was "madness"?
    he didnt explain anything to her; she thinks he ran way; he left everything; hes a coward, scared (fled from fear)
  20. What is Ross's response?
    she doesn't know if it was really for fear; control yourself, your husband is judicious, wise, noble; trust that he knows what hes doing
  21. Since he has fled and is not dead, why does Lady MD tell the child Macduff is dead?
    because shes angry- speaking in heat of the monment
  22. What suspicion of Macduff does Malcolm voice?
    What does Malcolm say about angels?
    • Macbeth hasn't touched you yet; you want me to go back to Scotland, but yet you left everything even your family; you loved Macbeth once; he thinks he was sent; you just came from there; why were you able to leave safely; you'll use me as a prize
    • angels are bright, yet the brightest fell
  23. How do Malcolm's comments about Macbeth once again bring to mind the fair is foul theme?
    • other angels are still good, but the brightest fell- just because somethings are bad, not everythign is bad
    • Macbeth is treacherous, but looks good and virtuious
  24. What is it that makes Malcolm suspicious of Macduff's motives?
    he talks about how Macbeth is bad, yet he left his family and traveled to England to talk to malcolm
  25. To wat does Malcolm attribute his wariness of Macduff?
    • could be getting prize from Macbeth
    • why'd you leave your wife
    • why wree you able to flee
  26. What is Macduff' s response?
    im not treacherous; i love scotland
  27. Malcolm reveals that he is more lustful, cruel, and avaricious than Macbeth, and he concludes "If one be fit to govern, speak"? What is Macduff's response?
    • doesn't matter houw bad you are; not worse than Macbeth;
    • then he says fit to govern; noone is fit to govern
  28. What is Malcolm's next admission?
    • Whatever I desire, I'll take. I don't care hwat happens. If we have war or peace. IDC.
    • He never did those things; he lied to test Macduff
  29. After Malcolm tells Ross about Lord Siward and his 10000 men preparing to leave for Scotland, what info does Ross give to Macduff?
    macduff's family is slaughtered; everyone in the castle is slaughtered
  30. How is Macduff's grief conveyed? What makes this horrible act so difficult for him?
    • at first he says nothing; he keeps repeating hte same questions;
    • he can't seem to understand; he thought he'd lose his castle, but not that horrid
    • what makes it worse is that Macbeth has no children for revenge
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