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  1. a division into parts. In 1947 a british colony of india divided into india and pakistan
  2. a statement that the british government supported the establishment of a jewish national homeland in palestine, made in 1917 letter by british foreign secretary sir arthur balfour
    balfour declaration
  3. the first signed agreements between israel and arab country in which egyptian president anwar sedant recognized israel as a legit state and israeli prime minister menachem begim agreed to return the suni peninsula to egypt
    camp david accords
  4. an organization dedicated to the establishment of an independent state for palestians in the middle east
    the palestine liberation organization (PLO)
  5. breaking up large estates and distributing that land to the peasants
    land reform
  6. the institutional revolutionary party, main party in mexico
  7. a south african policy to complete legal seperation of the races, including the banning of all social contracts between blacks and whites
  8. a soviet policy of openess to the free flow of ideas and info, introduces in 1985 by Mikhail gorbachev
  9. s restructing of the soviet economy to permit more local decision making, begun by mikhail gorbachev
  10. a bringing together again of things that have been seperated, like the reuniting of east germant and west germany in 1990
  11. a policy of murder and other acts of brutality by which serbs hoped to eliminate bosnias muslim population after the break up of yoguslavia
    ethnic cleansing
  12. a huge public square in the heart of beiing
    tiananmen square
  13. a 20th century attemo to increase food resources worldwide, involving the use of fertilizers and pestisides and the development of diesase resistant control
    green revolution
  14. all the finacial interactions- involving people business and governments that cross the international boundries
    global economy
  15. a nation with all the facilities needed for the advanced production of manufactued goods
    developed nations
  16. a nation in which the process of industrialization is not yet comlete
    developing nations
  17. econimc development that meets peoples needs but preserves the environment and conserves resources for future generations
    sustainable development
  18. a 1968 agreement intended to reduce the spread of nuclear weapons
    nuclear non proliferation treaty
  19. the use of force of threats to frighten people and government to chsnge their policies
  20. a srtict belief in the basic truths and practices of a particular religion
  21. a grassroot effort to fight discrimination in the US, to make sure all US citizens recieve the rights guarenteed by the constitution
    civil rights movement
  22. a 1948 statement in which the united nations declared that all human beingsd have the right to life, liberty, and security
    universal decleration of human rights
  23. a placing of high value on acquiring material posessions
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