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  1. intolerable acts
    a series of laws enacted by paralament in 1774 to punish Massachusetts colonist for the Boston Tea Party
  2. Olive branch Petition
  3. patriot
    an american colonist who sided with the rebels in the american revolution
  4. loyalist
    an american colonist who supported the british in american revolution
  5. mercenary
    a professional soldier hired to fight for a foregin country
  6. privateer
    a privately owned ship that has the governments permissionduring wartime to attack enemy ships
  7. guerrillas
    a soldier who weakens the enemy with surprise raid and hit and run attacks
  8. boston tea party
    the dumping of 342 chests of tea into the boston harbor by the colonist in 1973 to protest the tea act
  9. battle of lexington
  10. battles of saratoga
    a series of conflicts between british soldiers and the continental army in 1777 that proved to be a turning point in the revolutionary war
  11. battle of york town
  12. benedict arnold
  13. fort sumter
    a federal fort located in the harbor of charleston south carolina the southern attack on fort sumter marked the beginning of the civil war
  14. robert e lee
  15. border state
    a slave state that bordered states in which slavery was illegal
  16. anaconda plan
  17. blockade
    when armed forces prevent the transportations of goods or perople into or out of an area
  18. cavalry
    soliders on horse back
  19. minie ball
    a bullet with a hollow base
  20. ironclad
    a warship coverd with iron
  21. ulysses s grant
  22. first battle of bull run
    an 1861 battle of the civil war in whcih the south schocked the north with a victory
  23. seven days battles
    an 1862 civil war battle in which th confederravy forced the union to reateat beffore it could capture the southern capital of richmond
  24. battle of antietam
    a cicil war battle in 1862 in which 2500 men were killed or wounded
  25. emancipation proclamation
    an exective oreder issued by abraham lincoln on jan 1 1863 freeubg tg skaves ub all regions in rebellion against the union
  26. 54th massachusetts
  27. copperhead
    abraham lincolns main political opponents they favored peace wtih the south
  28. conscription
    a law that required men to serve in the militarty or be drafted
  29. greenback
    paper currency issued by the federal governmetn during the civil war
  30. clara barton
  31. battle of gettysburg
    an 1863 battle in the civil war in which the union defeated the conderacy ending hopesfor a condederate victory in the north
  32. siege of vicksburg
    an 1863 union victory in the civil war that enabled the union to control the entire mississippi river
  33. william sherman
  34. appomattox court house
    the virginia town where robert e lee surrendred to ulysses s grant in 1865 ending the civil war
  35. thirteenth amendment
  36. john wilkes booth
    killed lincoln
  37. trench warfare
    a kind of warfare during ww1 in which troo[s huddled iat the bottom of trenches and fired artillery and machine guns at each other
  38. u-boat
  39. woodrow wilson
  40. zimmermann telegraph
    a message sent in 1917 bt the german foreign minister to the german ambassador in mexico proposing a german- mexican alliacnve and promisiong to help mexico regain texas new mexico and arisona if the united states entered ww1
  41. john perching
  42. convoy system
    a heavy guard of destroyers tha tescorts merchant ships during wartime
  43. armistice
    an end to fighting
  44. propaganda
    an opinon expresses for the purpose of influencing the actions of others
  45. espionage act
    pased in 1917 thislaw set heavy fines and long prison terms for antiwar activeitiesand fro encouraging draft resisters
  46. sediton act
    a 1918 law that made it illegal to critcize war it set heavy fines and long prison terms frot thouse who engaged in anti war acticities
  47. reparations
  48. red scare
    fear of communisim
  49. speculation
    buying and selling of a stock in the hope of making a quick profit
  50. black tuseday
    stock market crashed
  51. bounus army
    ww1 vets not gettin there money
  52. fireside chat
    fdr on the radio
  53. new deal
    fdr's new plan to help rid the depression
  54. hundered days
    fdr passing more bills that hover did in term
  55. FDR
  56. elanor roosevlet
    worked for civil right FDR"s wife and eyes and ears
  57. social security
    a law passed in 1935 that requires workers and employers to make payments tino a fund from which they draw pension after they retired
  58. wagner act
  59. pwa
  60. dust bowl
    series of wind storms
  61. deflict spendng
    spending borrowed money from other countries to make more money
  62. john steinbeck
  63. tennessee valley authority
  64. fascism
    a political philosophy that advocateds a strong centralixed nationalistic government headed by a powerful dictator
  65. adolf hitler
    dictator tried to take over european countries
  66. nazi party
    hitlers soliders
  67. axis
    germany itlay and their allies during ww2
  68. appeasement
    the grantingof concessions to a hostile power in oreder to keep the peace
  69. lend lease act
    law that allwoed the united states to ship arms and supplies without immediate payment to nation fighting the axis powers
  70. d day
    united states invasion into normandy france and joing the war
  71. yalta conference
    in 1945franklin fooselvel winston chuchill and joseph stalin discussed plans fot the end of ww2 and the futrue of europe
  72. island hopping
    united states slowly invading japinesse owned islands and taking them over
  73. manhattan project
    the top sectet program set up in 1942 to bulid an atomic bomb
  74. rationing
    to distribute a fixed amount of a certain time
  75. rosie the riveter
    an image of a strong woman hard at work at an arms factory during ww2
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