Chapter 6

  1. Arabic
    Literacy language of the Koran; the language and culture of the Arabs
  2. back translation
    translating from one language into another and then translating back into the origional to compare the result to avoid errors in translation
  3. creole
    • -new language that developed from prolonged contact of two or more languages
    • -creole is acquired by children as their first language
  4. cultural invasion
    term used by Freire to refer to one group penetrating the culture of another group to impose its own view of the world
  5. dialect
    a variety of speech differing from the standard
  6. Esperanto
    widely used universal language devised in 1887 based on European vocabularies and Latin grammar
  7. grammar
    linguistic rules governing sounds (or gestures in sign language), meanings, and syntax of a language
  8. idiom
    expression whose meaning is not predictable from the usual meanings of its words
  9. Islam
    World's 2nd largest religion with nearly 1 billion followers that is based on the teachings of the prophet Muhammad, believing in one God, and having a body of law put forth in the Koran and the sunnah
  10. Koran
    Holy book of Islam considered to contain the literal words of Allah or God; the Arabic text includes stories, admonitions, verse, and prophetic segments (often spelled Quran)
  11. language
    set of symbols shared by a community to communicate meaning and experience
  12. literacy rate
    percentage of ppl, age 15 and older, who can, with understanding, both read and write a short, simple statement on their everyday life
  13. mother tongue
    parent language of other languages or a person's first learned language
  14. pidgin
    mixture of 2 or more languages to form a new language
  15. Sapir-Whorf hypothesis
    useful way of thinking about the relationship btw language and culture (also known as Whorfian thesis and linguistic relativity) (language creates ways of thinking and perceiving objects or events)
  16. syntax
    grammatical rules governing the way that words combine to form sentences
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