Macbeth Act III

  1. Who was the first person to become suspicious of Macbeth's becoming king?
  2. What is Banquo's son's name?
    What time is the feast supposed to be?
    • Fleance
    • 7
  3. Who does Macbeth fear more than anything and why does it particularly upset him?
    Banquo because he is courageous and smart and brave; and isn't afraid to speak up adn he's the only one who knows of the witches; Banquo will be founder of kings
  4. What is Macbeth plannign?
    Did the people doing the deed succeed?
    • to kill Banquo and Fleance
    • they killed banquo but fleance escapes
  5. Who did not attend the dinner?
    What is Macbeth gonna do the next day (2)?
    • Macduff; and he thinks Macduff is suspicious
    • he will go to the spy of Macduff's house
    • he will visit the witches
  6. What is Hecate planning on doing?
    • they are preparing for Macbeth's fatal end; they will confuse him and this confusion will destroy him; he will be courageous and not fear death, and have hope thinking he's safe; adn this will be his downfall; he will think everything is okay when its not
    • spell--> spirits give info--> he will relax thinking he's safe--> downfall
  7. What is mortal's chiefest enemy?
    security (overconfidence)
  8. Who lives in disgrace and why?
    Macduff for not attending the feast
  9. What is Malcolm doing with who?
    With Edward the Confessor, he is trying to arouse the people of Northumberland and Siward to fight and get things back to normal
  10. In his soliloquy, what suspicion and hope does Banquo reveal?
    that Macbeth has gotten the grown by playing foully; and hopes his predictions will come true
  11. Macbeth seems to be very interested in Banqo's travel plans? Why do think hs is so interested?
    he wants to know his whereabouts so he could send someone to kill him
  12. The speech beginning "To be thus is nothing..." means?
    t o be king is nothing if youll be caught; but to be kign without suspicion or chance of being caught is better
  13. Although he has probably paid the murderes, how does Macbeth further motivate them?
    he convinces them Banquo is realyl evil and that it is his fault all that bad luck has flalen on them
  14. What does Macbeth tell them to do?
    • backhand and execute him in secret (kll)
    • how: hide and attack him while hes out riding
  15. What is the meaning of Macbeth's opening speech in S cene 2 "We have scorched..."?
    talking about Duncan's death; by killing Duncan; they got first part of prophecy but worried about second prophecy
  16. In this scene, what is Macbeth's state of mind?
    he is wrried someone will find out he killed him; worried about second part of prophecy; anxious
  17. On the other hand, how does Macbeth show that his resolve and ambition have become stronger?
    he doesn't object to killing Banquo this time and i sthe mastermind hbehind it; he says hes already in so deep he might as well go deeper
  18. One characteristic of Shakespeare's style is his play on words. How is technique demonstrted in the murderer's reply that Banquo is safe now?
    • he demonstrates that he is safe from all harm (body safely hidden - dithch)
    • concerned about his own safety
  19. Upon returning to the banquot table, what does Macbeth see and how does he respond? others?
    • banquo's ghost,; at first he thinks someone found the body and propped it in a chair and starts talking about the murder; he starts tyeling and arguing with it;
    • everyone is confused
  20. What des Lady MB say to Macbeth?
    aftraidk he'l say too much and that he needs to stop; she said he messed up the evening; she asks if hes a man; she tells him why does he act like that when everything is done
  21. How does Macbeth behave during the dinner and what is the final result?
    he almost admits what he did and everyone leaves; he gets calm when Banquo leaves but rages when he returns
  22. Who is Hecate adn why is she so angry?
    • The leader of the witches
    • she is angry because they met with macbeth without consulting her and they did not recruit him into believing them; everything he did was for his own good and not for theirs
  23. Lennox may be said to be extremely careful in speech? Why is he so cautious in what he says? What, if anything, could be interpreted as a criticism of macbeth?
    • you never say anything bad about the king
    • Duncan was happy with Macbeth and went to his; then he was dead; the servants were found guilty; next thing they're dead by macbeth
    • Banquo was out late, and suppsedley Fleance killed him
  24. Where has Macdff gone? Why?
    • England--> to get help from the English
    • to get everything back the way it was; help Malcolm get thrown back; trying to get suppport for Malcolm
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