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  1. Tolerance
    A condition in which a person body becomes used to the effect of medicine of needs more of it to work
  2. Addiction
    A need for a drug
  3. Intoxicated
    A perosn whose has lost all control over mental and physical abilities
  4. Withdraw
    When someone quits or stops doing something
  5. Over the counter medicine (OTC)
    Medince that can be bought without a doctors prescription
  6. Overdose
    When the amount of the fdrug is too large for the body to handle
  7. Stimulant
    Durgs that increase or pbeed the brain and spinal activity
  8. Depressant
    Substance that slows down brain/functions/reaction
  9. Narcotics
    Drugs only useabe by perscriptions for pain relief
  10. Steroids
    Used to increase muscle & strength
  11. Alcoholism
    A chronic disease when your body feels like it really needs a drug. You are addicted
  12. Inhalant
    The sniffing of drugs ( spray paint, rubber glue etc) that make mind alterating situations
  13. What slows down the functions of the body?
  14. Alcohol is which type of drug?
  15. List 5 forms of drug misuse and abuse
    not following directions, using drugs not suited for you, taking more than needed, allowing others to use stuff that is meant for you, using the drug longer that andvised
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