history 12

  1. primary challenges of constructing an atomic bomb?
    • concept: is it possible - through fission
    • capacity: have resources and infrastructure - uranium, plutonium, 150, 000 people in los alamos, NM
    • size: small enough to be delivered - 4 tons, B29 bomber
    • Economy: raw materials to mass produce - yes
  2. code name
    manhattan project
  3. what people primarily involved?
    German jews who escaped the holocaust
  4. behind the scenes story
    • hilter wanted heavy water in germany
    • ferry over norwegian sea in boat
    • norwegians sink boat, 14 die
  5. discuss progress of nuclear weapons
    transport through submarine, Airplanes, ICBM, tactical/battlefield
  6. how did the world become more dangerous after soviet russia fell?
    • break up caused many small, unstable countries to form
    • we have less control of the weapons, more difficult to negotiate
    • dealing with multiple parties, issues,
    • could be sold/stolen by terrorists, no return address
  7. moral/ethical dilemma
    • right thing to do is destroy ours, put all the money we use to maintain the weapons to instead make sure no one has any.
    • only good for destroying humanity
  8. fecklessoff
    • master spy for soviet union
    • brought world to brink of nuclear disaster by giving russia u.s. secrets
    • brought world away from brink by working out cuban missile crisis
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