Chapter 8 Test

  1. -known as Old Ironsides
    U.S.S. Constitution
  2. How did the British use their navy to their advantage at the beginning of the War of 1812?
    -used navy to blockade U.S. ports
  3. -in September 1813
    -Americans led by Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry
    -defeated British
    Battle of Lake Erie
  4. What was the importance of the Battle of Lake Erie? (2)
    • -ended British control of Great Lakes
    • -made land invasion of Canada possible
  5. -led Americans in Battle of Lake Erie
    Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry
  6. -in October 1815/fought in Canada
    -Americans led by General Harrison
    -U.S. won
    -Tecumseh was killed
    Battle of Thames
  7. What was the importance of the Battle of Thames? (2)
    • -weakened British alliance with Native tribes (due to Tecumseh's death)
    • -ended British control in NW Territory
  8. What caused the Creek War? (2)
    • -Native Americans fought American settlers to keep their lands
    • -Battle of Horseshoe Bend- in Spring of 1814 Andrew Jackson led Tennessee militia to victory over Creek Indians
  9. -in Spring of 1814
    -Andrew Jackson led Tennessee militia to victory over Creek Indians
    Battle of Horseshoe Bend
  10. What was the result of the Creek War?
    -Treaty of Fort Jackson
  11. What did the Treaty of Fort Jackson state?
    -ended Creek war and forced creeks to surrender 23 million acres of land to U.S.
  12. What did the British do to Washington D.C.?
    -burned Washington D.C.(cpaitol building, white house, etc.) causing Pres. Adams to flee
  13. -Washington lawyer
    -witnessed British attack on Fort McHenry
    -wrote poem called "The Defense of Ft. M'Henry"-lyrics for Star Spangled Banner
    Francis Scott Key
  14. -in Dec. 1814-Jan. 1815
    -Federalists from NE states met in Hartford, CT
    Hartford Convention
  15. Why did Federalists have the Hartford Convention? (2)
    -opposed war- upset by loss of trade

    -planned to split from the U.S., from their own nation, and form a trade alliance with British
  16. What were the results of the Hartford Convention? (2)
    -ruined Federalist party-------seen as traitors

    -war ended before they could do this
  17. -in Dec. 1814
    -officially ended War of 1812
    Treaty of Ghent
  18. -Jan. 1815
    -British wanted to cpature port/land in American West
    -Americans led by Andrew Jackson
    -U.S. won
    -last major battle of war
    Battle of New Orleans
  19. -led Americans in Battle of Horseshoe Bend and Battle of New Orleans
    Andrew Jackson
  20. What were the results of the War of 1812? (5)
    -patriotism/nationalism increased

    -American manufacturing increased

    -Power of Native Americans was weakened which made settling in west safer

    -end of Federalist party

    -shift in political power towards western states
  21. -led Americans at Battle of Thames
    General Harrison
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