Macbeth Act II

  1. In his soliloquy after Banquo leaves, what does Macbeth see before him? What else does he have? What could account for this apparition?
    • an imaginary dagger (bloody); he pulls out a real dagger
    • the fact that he plans to kill Duncan is why he is hallucinating (guilty)
  2. Who is the goddess of sorcery?
    What is Macbeth's sign to go kill Duncan?
    • Hecate
    • the ringing of a bell
  3. What does the owl's call symbolize?
    Who lies in the second chamber?
    • death
    • Donalbain
  4. What could Macbeth not say?
  5. What did Macbeth bring with him? What did he have to do that Lady Macbeth wound up doing?
    • he brought the daggers with him
    • she had to return them and smear the blood onto the servants
  6. What is the purpose of the Porter's Lines? What is the dramatic point? What is he talking about?
    Why is the porter's soliloquy in prose rather than poetry?
    What lines contain bawdy humor?
    • humor; comic relief
    • ease tensions
    • if he were a porter of hell's gates, opening it for newcomers
    • to distinguish scenes and for those in front of stage; help understand porter
    • the part where he talks about his disfunctional junk
  7. What threee things does drinking provoke?
    • 1) lechery (it provokes the desire, but takes away the performance)
    • 2) sleep, urine
    • 3) narry bise-painting
  8. What does Lennox say about the night in Scene 3?
    • the chimenys were blown down; the air sounded like screams of death; the bird clamored all night; the earth shook
    • (nature reflected on Duncan's murder)
  9. Who discovered Duncan's body first?
    What is death's counterfeit?
    What did Macbeth do to the servants?
    • Macduff
    • sleep
    • kill them
  10. What are Malcolm and Donalbain worried about? What do they do?
    being next or being accused

    Malcolm goes to England; Donalbain goes to Ireland
  11. What does Macduff say is the reason of the servant's killing?
    they were bribed by Malcolm and Donalbain who have run away
  12. Where is Macbeth getting crowned?
    Where is Duncan's body?
    • Scone
    • Colmekill
  13. What is keeping banquo from sleeping?
    about what the witches said about macbeth and him
  14. How would you describe Macbeth's mental/ emotional state at this point?
    on edge, overwrought, nervous, gulity, worried, not crazy
  15. What has lady Macbeth done to the grooms?
    given them drink with drugs making them pass out
  16. Why does Lady Macbeth not commit the murder when she is in the room?
    he looked like her father and she couldn't do it
  17. Macbeth troubled by themurder he just committed, tells Laddy MB what he saw and heard. She tells him These deeds must not be thought. Why?
    itll make themc razy
  18. Macbeth's response is frequently quoted. What is the sense of this response?
    • M kils Duncan in his slepe; so he murders sleep
    • hes not gonna be able to sleep again; peaceful sleep of innocent; taken sleep from himself
  19. In this scene how does Lady Macbeth show herself to be stronger than her husband?
    she goes back intot he room to put the daggers back and smears blood on the grooms
  20. How is the theme of a crime against nature reinforced in this scene?
    even the natural wrld reflected on Duncan's death
  21. Why does Macduff refer to the murder scene as a new Gorgon?
    it is horrifying to look at
  22. Who was suspected of the murder, and what happens to them?
    the grooms are suspected; adn so in order to shut them up about beign innocent, he kills them; his excuse was he was overcome with emotion
  23. Who are Malcolm andDonalbain, what do they suspect, and what decision do they make?
    • the sons of Duncan
    • suspect that people will think they paid the grooms or they will be next
    • they flee the country
    • D: Ireland and M: England
  24. What additional natural, or unnatural, events further the crime against nature theme?
    a mosuing owl killed a falcon; its daytime but dark out; Duncan's horses became wild, broke their stalls and ate each other
  25. Who is suspected of having hired the grooms to kill Duncan? Why?
    • the sons; prob cause they wanted to get rid of the king and prob get money or the crown
    • they are suspected because they ran away
  26. Why does Ross say gaisnst nature still?
    because actual literal sons killed their father supposedly
  27. Why has macbeth gone to scone?
    to be crowned
  28. How did this honor happen to fall on Macbeth?
    • Becuase the other two sons have fled the scene and so they must beguilty
    • hes been good up to this point; distantly related great honor
  29. Who in Scene 4 seems to have problems with Macbeth being king? Why?
    macduff because when he asked if going to Scone, he says he's going home and says he hopes Ross sees things well adn things were better in the past than in the future
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