Chapter 8 Test

  1. Expain the U.S. economy at this time. (2)
    -had an agricultural economy; produced cash crops and raw materials; had very little manufacturing

    -had to trade with other countries to get manufactured goods
  2. -from 1801-1805
    -pirates on Barbary Coast of North Africa attacked/captured U.S. trade ships
    -demanded tribute to stop
    War with Tripoli
  3. What was Jefferson's foreign policy?
  4. How did Jefferson react to the War with Tripoli?
    -refused to pay; sent small U.S. Navy to try to defend U.S. trade ships
  5. -captured by pirates in 1804
    -destroyed in Tripoli's harbor by Lt. Stephen Decatur
    U.S.S. Philadelphia
  6. -destroyed U.S.S. Philadelphia in Tripoli's harbor
    Lt. Stephen Decatur (USN)
  7. What did the War with Tripoli show Jefferson? (3)
    -U.S. needed a strong navy

    -trading internationally did not allow U.S. to remain neutral

    -U.S. had to be willing to stand up for economic interests
  8. What problems did British and French cause for the U.S. at sea? (3)
    -captured/searched U.S. ships for war supplies

    -also blockaded each others ports to stop the other country from getting trade goods and war supplies

    -this hurt American trade
  9. the practice of forcing people to serve in the army or navy
  10. -british warship that attacked Chesapeake
  11. American warship attacked by the british warship Leopard
  12. What did Jefferson do to resolve the attacks at sea? (2)
    -to stay neutral, follwoed a policy of "Peacable Coercion"-to peacefully force the British and French to do what he needed

    -used trade as a weapon to re-open ports and stop impressments
  13. -banned all foreign trade for U.S.
    Embargo Act of 1807
  14. What was Jefferson's goal with the Embargo Act? (2)
    -to avoid conflict with british and France

    -remain neutral
  15. What was the result of the Embargo Act? (2)
    -mainly hurt U.S. trade

    -made Jefferson VERY unpopular
  16. Who won the Election of 1808?
    James Madison
  17. -passed in 1809
    -stated U.S. could trade with all nations EXCEPT Britain and France
    Non-Intercourse Act
  18. -Governor of Indiana Territory
    -negotiated Treaty of Fort Wayne
    William Henry Harrison
  19. What did the Treaty of Fort Wayne do?
    -made the Native Americans "sell" 3 million acres of land to U.S.
  20. -Shawnee Chief that wanted to unite the Native American tribes to protect their land
  21. -Tecumseh's brother
    The Prophet
  22. Why did Tecumseh and others feel the Native Americans needed to unite?
    -to fight against/resist American settlers and keep their land
  23. -1811
    -Harrison and U.S. Army defeated alliance while Tecumseh was gone
    Battle of Tippecanoe
  24. What were the results of the Battle of Tippecanoe? (3)
    -The prophet was killed

    -their town was destoryed

    -Tecumseh joined the British in Canada
  25. -leaders in Congress from Western/Southern states who wanted war with Britain
  26. Who were the Warhawks led by? (3)
    • -Henry Clay (KY)
    • -John Calhoun (SC)
    • -Felix Grundy (TN)
  27. Why did the Warhawks want war with the British? (4)
    -wanted British out of NW Territory to stop them from supplying Native Americans

    -wanted British impressments to stop

    -wanted British to stop interfering with American trade

    -wanted Canada for U.S.-more land for settlement and farming
  28. Why did the Federalists oppose the Warhawks?
    -wanted to maintain and rebuild trade with British
  29. Why did most people oppose the Warhawks? (2)
    -worried that U.S. Army/Navy were too small to fight the British

    -costs of war
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