Neuro-anatomy exam

  1. A deep sulcus also known as the Sylvan fissure
    What is the Lateral Sulcus
  2. Where is the lateral sulcus located?
    What separates the temporal lobe from the frontal lobe rostrally and the temporal lobe from the parietal lobe caudally.
  3. Where is the central sulcus located?
    What sulcus separates the two gyri that course vertically toward the lateral sulcus (in parallel) on the lateral aspect of the hemisphere.
  4. What fissure separates the two hemispheres?
    Where is the logitudinal fissure located?
  5. When you examine the medial aspect of the hemisphere you see a prominent sulcus that courses vertically, what is this called?
    Where is the parieto-occipital sulcus located?
  6. Which sulcus demarcates the parietal from occipital lobes?
    The parietal-occipital sulcus demarcates which lobes?
  7. Where is the frontal lobe located?
    Which lobe is rostral to the central sulcus, and has an inferior boundary on the lateral aspect of the hemisphere?
  8. Where is the occipital lobe located?
    Which lobe is located in the lower back of the two hemispheres?
  9. CN I
  10. CN II
  11. CN III
    Ocular Motor
  12. CN IV
  13. CN V
  14. CN VI
  15. CN VII
  16. CN VIII
    Vestibular Cochlear
  17. CN IX
  18. CN X
  19. CN XI
  20. CN XII
  21. Anterior pontine surface
    The top of the pons
  22. Posterior pontine surface
    bottom of the pons
  23. Mammillary Bodies
    Looks like boobies
  24. Infundibular stalk
    between mammillary bodies and the optic chiasm (broccolli stalks holding it together)
  25. CN III location
    Near the mammilary bodies
  26. Middle cerebellar peduncle
    stalks on the side holding the pons
  27. CN VIII
    Location of the Vestibulocochlear nerve
    bottom of the pons (outer)
  28. Location of CN VI abducens
    toward sulcus of the pons
  29. Location of CN VII facial
    Bottom of pons (inner)
  30. CN V Trigeminal location
    fat and flat mid pons near the olive
  31. Basilar Pons location
    gyri in the middle of the pons
  32. Lateral olfactoray stria
    paired fiber bundles at the end of the olfactory tract
  33. Inferior pontine sulcus
    groove between the pons and medula
  34. Lateral Occipital Gyri
    numerous unnamed gyri on lateral aspect (underside) of occipital lobe
  35. Insula
    cortex located by separating the banks of the lateral sulcus
  36. Midline fissure of the medula
    The sulcus in the medula
  37. Pre Olivary Sulcus
    groove lateral to the pyramids
  38. Postolivary sulcus
    groove lateral to the olives
  39. CN IX and X location
    emerge from the medulla at postolivary sulcus
  40. CN XII location
    rootlets emerge from medulla at preolivary sulcus.
  41. Inferior Pontine Sulcus
    groove between the pons and medulla
  42. Basilar part of pons
    ventral aspect of pons
  43. Middle cerebellar peduncle
    fiber bundle that connects basilar pons to the cerebellum
  44. CN VI location
    emerges from inferior pontine sulcus near midline
  45. Post central sulcus
    located caudal and parallel to the central sulcus
  46. postcentral gyrus
    situated between the central and postcentral sucli
  47. Intraparietal Sulcus
    longitudinal sulcus separating the superior and inferior parietal lobules
  48. Superior parietal lobule
    cortex above the intraparietal sulcus
  49. Inferior parietal lobule
    consists of two gyri sucramarginal gyrus and angular gyrus
  50. sucramarginal gyrus
    surrounds the upturned posterior end of the lateral sulcus
  51. angular gyrus
    the ascending posterior portion of the superior temporal sulcus
  52. Superior Temporal Gyrus
    gyrus located immediately inferior ot the lateral sulcus
  53. Transverse Gyri of Heschl
    inside the lateral sulcus 1-2 oblique gyri oriented postermedially that originate from the inner bank of the superior temporal gyrus
  54. Superior temporal sulcus
    sulcus below the superior temporal gyrus
  55. middle temporal gyrus
    gyrus located inferior to the superior temporal sulcus
  56. Inferior temporal gyrus
    gyrus inferior to middle temporal sulcus
  57. Inferior temporal sulcus
    inferior to inferior temporal gyrus
  58. Occipito-temporal gyrus
    medial to inferior temporal sulcus
  59. Collateral Sulcus
    sulcus medial to occipito-temporal gyrus
  60. Rhinal Sulcus
    the rostral part of the collateral sulcus
  61. Parahippocampal Gyrus
    the one right on the inside next to the pons
  62. Uncus
    medial protrusion of the parahippocampal gyrus
  63. Anterior median fissure
    on all parts of the anterior middle of the spinal cord
  64. Posterior median fissure
    on all parts of the posterior middle of the spinal cord
  65. anterolateral sulcus of the spinal cord
    sulcus that is anterior and through the lateral portion of the spinal cord
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