ISP Golden Bear

  1. List 6 Nutrient group
    Protein, Fat, Carbohydrate, Vitimans, Water, Minerals
  2. Name 2 carbohydrate groups
    simple sugar, complex starch
  3. The main job of protein is _______________
    to release quick energy
  4. Carbohydrates function or job is to __________
    release quick energy
  5. Proteins have _______ amino acids
  6. The function of protein is to ___________________
    build working body tissue
  7. How many vitamins are known _______
  8. What 2 categories are vitaimns broken down into ?
    Fat soulable, H20 (water) soulable
  9. Name 3 types of exercise _______, _________,______
    strenghth, stamina (endurance), suppleness (flexibility)
  10. Strength means ________________
    capcity of work your muscles are able to perform
  11. stamina means _______________
    abilty to work for extended periods of time
  12. suppleness means ____________
    abilty to stretch, twist, amnd bend in different positons
  13. List 5 signs of depression ______, _____, ______ ,________
    lack of energy, not able to concentrate, acting restless, change in sleeping patterns, guilty feeling
  14. What does value mean in terms of mental health
    Something that is important to you
  15. List 2 ways a person with emotional problems could get help. __________ & __________
    counseloring, medication
  16. List 5 categories of Maslow's Hierarchy
    self- actualization, esteem, belonging, safety. physical
  17. What does anorexia nervosa mean?
    Not eating, or not eating very much, and thinking you are fat
  18. What does Bulumia Nervosa?
    Eating a lot (binging) then getting rid of the
  19. What doew commmunibale disease mean?
    You can catch a disease
  20. List 2 places you can check your pulse.
    neck & wrist
  21. What does heart rate mean?
    the number of beats your heart does in a minute
  22. Describe Type A personalities
    High strong, competative
  23. Describe Type B personalities.
    Laid back, calm
  24. List physical signs of stress on the body (various)
    increased heart rate, excess sweating, muscle tension, increased blood pressure, skin temperature
  25. What does non-communicable disease mean?
    you can not catch the disease
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