Alec's vocab 10

  1. Adept
    masterful // Being an adept as i am i hope to make it to the nhl.
  2. Aspire
    seek // My films i made when i was younger aspired me to become a director
  3. Bleak
    cheerless // The crowd was so bleak after we lost the game 8 to 0
  4. Chide
    blame // My mom chide me for eating in the family room because i was the only one home.
  5. Despicable
    low // When my parents leave the house my brother have such despicable behavior.
  6. Diminutive
    small // Smart cars are so diminutive they park so easily.
  7. Emancipate
    to free // the emancipation proclamation emancipated the works from slavery.
  8. Erroneous
    incorrect // I was so erroneous on my test because i had no time to check my answers
  9. Exploit
    make use of // The person defending bob exploited the witness's weakness.
  10. Extemporaneous
    Spontaneous // the chemical reaction in the science lab was so extemporaneous it was almost missed by the human eye.
  11. Impair
    damage // I am so lucky that the baseball did not impair my vision permanently.
  12. Invincible
    unbeatable // The starting line of Team Canada looked invincible until Team USA beat them.
  13. Languid
    lazy // If i forget to eat breakfast i feel languid for the entire day.
  14. Mire
    swamp // the field was so mire that your feet sunk into the ground.
  15. Obstrusive
    forward // i won the debate because i was obtrusive and no one could attempt to dominate like i did.
  16. Preamble
    opening // The first night of the Olympics is the preamble to open the games.
  17. Render
    submit // the writer was charged for the editors services rendered.
  18. Rugged
    rough // The farm lands in the mid west were so rugged when the settlers first moved out there.
  19. Skeptical
    suspicious // When politicians run for office their promises are skeptical.
  20. Slipshood
    messy // My room is so slipshod when the cleaner cannot come to clean.
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