Atropine Sulfate (Atropine)

  1. Class
  2. Actions
    Blocks the vegal (parasympathetic) impuleses to the heart, increaseing SA node discharge and enhances conduction through the AV node. Atropine has little or no inotropic effect. (does not effect the contractility of the heart.) Produces Mydriasis (dilation of the pupils).
  3. Indications
    Symptomatic bradycardias which may be accompanied by hypotension, frequent ectopic escape beats; Asystole; Pulseless Electrical Activity (PEA); Organophosphate Poisoning
  4. Contraindications
    None in the emergency setting.
  5. Side effects/ Precautions
    Use with caution in pts with S&S of Acute MI, glaucoma, Morbitz type II or 3rd degree blocks. When used after cardioversion may cause V-Fib or V-Tach
  6. Dosage and Administration
    • Adult Inital dose:
    • Bradycardias:0.5mg IV
    • Asystole: 1.0mg IV Bolus, repeat Bolus every 5 minutes up to a total of 3.0mg (or 0.04mk/kg)
    • Organophosphate poisonings: test dose of 1.0mg to determine it pt is toleant to Atropine. If pt responds to inital dose then the pt is not severly overdosed. If no improvement, second dose of 2.0-5.0mg for adult
    • Pediatic dose:
    • Bradycardias: .02mg/kg may repeat every 5 minutes up to a total of .04mg/kg (mas single dose is 1.0mg)
    • Cardiac Arrest: 02mg/kg may repeat every 5 minutes up to a total of .04mg/kg (max single dose is 1.0mg)
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Atropine Sulfate (Atropine)