govt 2

  1. The President of the Senate is?
    the vice president of united states.
  2. Democratic members of Congress from moderate districts who sometimes vote with Republicans
    and who are frequently pursued by Republican leaders are known as?
    blue dogs democrats
  3. A member’s request for a special appropriation for projects back home that are
    attached to a bill to gain votes is known as an?
  4. Money Bills?
    a bill that solely conserns taxiation/ govt spending as opposed to changes in public law.
  5. The Texas House of Representatives has how many members?
  6. The Texas Legislature meets in regular session for?
    140 days
  7. Texas State Senators are elected for a term of?
    4 years.
  8. All Texas State Senate seats are contested every ten years because?
  9. The authority to investigate and punish violations of Texas ethics laws is granted
    to the Texas?
    texas ethics commission
  10. A method of punishing legislators by placing two incumbents in a single district
    is called?
  11. The primary job of the Lieutenant Governor of Texas is?
    extensive legislative, organizational, procedural, adminstrative and planning authority.
  12. The political power of the Texas Lieutenant Governor is largely based on?
    senate rules and could be wakened by a majority of the senate.
  13. The committee that controls the flow of legislation to the floor of the Texas House is the?
    calendar committees
  14. A rule in the Texas Senate which allows a Senator to halt consideration of a bill for forty-eight hours is called?
  15. A committee action that tables legislation, effectively killing it, is called?
    table- pigeonhole
  16. The Texas Legislature has historically been organized on the basis of?
    a coalition of republicans and conservative to moderate demo usually in control. ideology.
  17. In the Texas Senate, a bill placed on the calendar solely to assure a 2/3rds vote
    on legislation is called a?
    blocking bill
  18. In the Texas Legislature, a quorum consists of at least?
    2/3 each members of each chambers.
  19. The Texas Legislature may override a Governor’s veto by a?
    2/3 vote of each chambers
  20. A formal question to the chair regarding parliamentary procedure is known as a?
    points of orders.
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