shosh: upper extremity

  1. Fracture of surgical neck or dislocation of humerus injures...
    • Axillary n.
    • (posterior circumflex humeral a. may be lacerated)
  2. Pancoast tumor of lung compresses...
    Lower trunk of brachial plexus (Klumpke's paralysis)
  3. Incorrect use of a crutch compresses...
    Radial n.
  4. Winged scapula
    Injury to long thoracic nerve, usually as it passes superior to serratus anterior
  5. Supracondylar fracture of humerus compresses...
    • Median nerve
    • May compress branchial artery, resulting in ischemia of hand and forearm (will cause flexion at wrist and fingers)
  6. Fracture of medial epicondyle of humerus lesions...
    Ulnar n.
  7. Carpal tunnel syndrome and dislocation of lunate lesions...
    Median n.
  8. Trauma to heel of hand or fracture of hook of hamate lesions...
    Ulnar n.
  9. Dislocation of lunate
    Lunate slides into carpal tunnel, may cause carpal tunnel syndrome
  10. Canal of Guyon contains...?
    Ulnar n, a, and v
  11. Scaphoid fracture
    • Pain and tenderness over snuffbox
    • Avascular necrosis of proximal scaffoid
  12. If axillary artery is occluded, anastamoses develop between...?
    Circumflex scapular and thoracodorsal branches of subscapular arteries
  13. Midshaft fracture of humerus lesions...
    • Radial n.
    • (deep brachial a. may be lacerated)
  14. Subluxation of radius stretches...
    Distal radial n.
  15. Loss of sensation on back of hand indicates...
    Radial n. injury
  16. Wrist drop indicates...
    Radial nerve injury (radial innervates most of the hand extensors)
  17. Ape hand (thumb on same plane as other fingers)
    Proximal median n. injury (fracture of supracondylar humerus)
  18. Ulnar deviation upon wrist flexion
    Distal median nerve lesion (carpal tunnel, dislocation of lunate)
  19. Radial deviation upon wrist flexion
    Proximal lesion of the ulnar nerve (fracture of medial epicondyle of humerus)
  20. Clawing of 4th and 5th digits ("hand of benediction")
    Distal ulnar lesion (fracture of hook of hamate)
  21. Waiter's tip position
    Erb-Duchenne palsy, compression of C5-6
  22. Total claw hand
    Klumpke's palsy (lesion of C8-T1), loss of function of lumbricals
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