Chapter 8 Test

  1. - 1st American to circumnavigate the globe (in 1790)
    Robert Gran
  2. What was the name of the ship Robert Gran sailed in?
  3. Why was Robert Gran's journey important?
    -gave U.S. land claims on Pacific Coast of North America
  4. - "secret" treaty between Spain and France-France regained Louisiana Territory (didn't want Napoleon to take over Spain)
    Treaty of San Ildefonso
  5. Why was Napoleon interested in Louisiana?
    -was trying to build a new French empire

    -planned to use Louisiana Territory to grow food for workers on sugar plantations in French West Indies
  6. -led a slave revoltin French West Indies
    -cost Napoleon $$ & soldiers to end
    Toussant L'Ouveture
  7. When Napoleon's plan failed what did he decide to do and why?
    -decided to sell Louisiana Territory

    -needed $$ & soldiers to fight in Europe

    -also hoped a larger U.S. would threaten British
  8. What were Jeffersons considerations in buying the Louisiana Territory? (5)
    -was a strict constructionist-Constitution didn't give national gov't power to buy land

    -against spending public $/cost of land would add to national debt

    -land was necessary to build a nation of farmers

    -americans needed to use Mississippi River & New Orlenas

    -National Security-threatened by Napoleon in West
  9. -announced on July 4th, 1803
    -doubled size of U.S.
    -moved western border to Rocky Mountains
    Louisiana Purchase
  10. What were Jefferson's goals for exploration of the West? (3)
    -knowledge of land & people in west

    -trade route to Pacific (NW Passage)

    -form trade alliances with native Americans
  11. -captain/overall leader
    -natural scientist & "doctor" of expidition
    Meriwether Lewis
  12. -co-captian/co-leader
    -map maker & engineer
    William Clark
  13. -Clark's slave/skilled hunter
  14. -Shoshone indian
    -guide & translator
  15. -French trader/ Sacagawea's husband
    -a guide & translator
    Toussant Enarponneau
  16. -(1806-1807)
    -explored southern Louisiana Territory-along Red and Arkansas Rivers
    Pikes Expedition
  17. -an explorer of the West who reached the summit of the mountain now known as Pike's Peak
    Zebulon Pike
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