Passages to the West

  1. Which is NOT a reason why pioneers went west?

    A. Some wanted to live in big cities along the East Coast.
  2. Which trail was the longest?

    B. Oregon Trail
  3. Many travelers using the Sants Fe Trail were...

    e. farmers.
    A. families.
  4. Pioneers on the Oregon Trail usually traveled

    A. in a wagon train.
  5. How many different trails might a family follow west?
  6. What kinds of things did traders bring back to the East after traveling on the Santa Fe Trail?
    They brought back things like furs, gold and silver.
  7. Where did the Chisolm Trail begin?
    San Antonio, Texas
  8. Where did the Chisholm trail end?
    Abilene, Kansas
  9. Which is NOT a raeson by Abilene's cattle business had come to an end by 1872?

    C. People stopped eating so much beef.
  10. Texas cattle carried a _________ that made the cattle raised in the northern plains ill.
  11. What two things met in Abeline that made it a thriving trade center?
    The Chisholm Trail and the railroad.
  12. After the cattle were put on trains in Abeline, where did they go?
    They were shipped to Chicago, where they were processed and sold throughout the east.
  13. In which city did the Oregon Trail begin?
    Independence, Missouri.
  14. Which mountin range did the Oregon Trail pass through?
    The Rocky Mountains.
  15. Why did Abeline grow so quickly?
    The Chisholm trail and the railroad both met there. The cattle business brought many people to the area. Businesses like hotels and stores started to serve the growing population. Farmers provided food.
  16. How did scouts help travelers on the Oregon trail?
    They could tell them where to find food, water and good stopping places were.
  17. How long was the Santa Fe trail?
    About 780 miles long.
  18. How long was the Oregon Trail?
    About 2,000 miles long.
  19. Travelers on the Oregon Trail usually went no more than how many miles per day with their covered wagons?
    Usually no more than 15 miles per day.
  20. What did traders on the Santa Fe trail bring with them from the east to sell in the west?
    They brought things like cloth, farm tools and other goods.
  21. Why did people on the Oregon Trail have to keep moving?
    Because they had to get through the Rocky Mountains before winter.
  22. How did the native people respond to the traveling pioneers?
    Sometimes they helped them by trading goods and giving directions. Sometimes they were angry that settlers were taking their land and attacked the wagon trains.
  23. What is the line on the globe halfway between the North and South poles?
    The Equator.
  24. The _________ is a line that goes from the North Pole to the South Pole.
    Prime Meridian. (Also called the zero meridian (0°), it is used as a reference line from which longitude east and west is measured. It passes through Greenwich, England.)
  25. Name three reasons why the people started to travel east during colonial times.
    It was getting crowded in the east and they needed more open space to farm. They wanted to become miners for gold or silver. They wanted to become traders and buy and sell goods.
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