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  1. Colonial Art
    • Amutears/ Artists with no training
    • Copying Europe art
    • Portraits
    • -Paint everything but put a blank face until recieved client
  2. Examples of Colonial Art
    • John Singleton Copley's Paul Revere
    • Benjamin West's The death of General Wolfe
  3. Romantic Art
    • Color
    • Content
    • Passion
    • Emotion
    • Two Branches /Eastern and Western
  4. Examples of Romantic Art
    • Eastern : Portrayed the leisurely eastern life;Hudson River school
    • The declaration of Independence

    • Western: Portrayed the rugged western life
    • "primitive art"- doesn't fill in details
    • Fur traders Descending the Mississippi

  5. Realism Art
    • History not important
    • Imagination is for dreamers
    • Paint what is there
    • Glorifies the middle class
  6. Realism Art Examples
    • Winslow Homer's Breezing Up
    • Thomas Eakins' The Gross Clinic
  7. Impressionism Art
    • Emphasis shadow and color
    • Tried to capture what the camera could not
    • A blurred Image
  8. Impressionism Art Examples
    • James Abbott Mcneill Whistler's Arrangement in Gray
    • Henry Ossawa Tanner's The Thankful Poor
  9. Mary Cassatt
    • Painted Woman Reading
    • Woman Impressionist artist (Usually artists rejected women.)
  10. Futurism Art
    • Lines of force
    • Celebrating advancements in society
  11. Futurism Art Examples
    Joseph Stella's Brooklyn Bridge
  12. Modernism Art
    • Experiment
    • Young artists
    • Rejection of Victorian Norms
  13. Modernism Examples
    Edward Hopper's Nighthawks
  14. Georgia O'Keefe
    • Painted Light coming on the Plains II and blue flower
    • Modernist Artist
  15. Ash Can School Art
    • Backyard/city/bar scenes
    • City/Urban
    • Despised by original artists who wanted everything pretty
  16. Ash Can School Art Examples
    John Sloan's Hairdresser's Window
  17. Social Protest Art
    • Result of red scare
    • React against injustices in society
  18. Social Protest Art Examples
    Ben Shahn's The Passion of Sacco and Vanzetti
  19. Grant Wood
    • Painted Fall Plowing and American Gothic
    • Social Protest Artist
  20. Harlem Renaissance Art
    • African American Culture rediscovering
    • "Black Power"
  21. Harlem Renaissance Art Examples
    • Aaron Douglas' Noah's Ark
    • Charles White's Preacher
  22. Abstract Expressionism Art
    • Originates in New York
    • Reflects highly personalized, large scale, personal style
    • -Action Painting
  23. Abstract Expressionism Art Examples
    Jackson Pollack's Number 1, 1950
  24. Action Painting
    type of Abstract Expressionism in which paint is applied by sweeping gestures and smattering of paint by the artist (purposefully)
  25. Pop Art
    • PLay on Cartoons and Comics
    • Images from Media/advertisements/pop-culture
  26. Andy Warhol
    • Painted Marilyn Diptych and 200 Campbell's Soup Cans
    • Pop Art Artist
  27. Op Art
    Movements and vibrations through spacial relationship.
  28. Op Art Examples
    Frank Stella's Bijoux Indiscrets
  29. Color-field Painting
    • Artistic Movement
    • effects of large areas of color ether poured or stained onto the canvas
  30. Color-field painted Examples
    • Mark Rothko's Green and Maroon
    • Ellsworth Kelly's Red Blue Green
  31. Conceptual Art
    • Artistic idea vs actual execution
    • the Process
  32. Photo Realism Art
    • As sharp as a photograph
    • Copy the camera perfectly
  33. Puritanism / Colonialism
    • Knowledge comes from grace and scripture
    • World view is God-directed
    • Social View is theocratic
    • Self concept is one of self loathing and self-consciousness.
  34. Revolutionary
    • Knowledge is derived through the senses and reason
    • World view includes natural laws which are discoverable
    • Social view is democratic; common man is more moral than "divine" ruler
    • Self-concept involves membership in a community of good citizens
  35. Romantic Liturature
    • Knowledge involves intuition and imagination
    • World view is self-directed; people only know through their own mind
    • Social view involves autocracy of the soul;emphasis on the individual
    • Self-concept is based on self-discovery of the real you
    • Exalt wild / natural, scorn urban / artifical
  36. Transcendentalism
    -A form of Romantic writing

    • Living close to nature
    • dignity of manual labor
    • strong need of intellectual companionshop and interests
    • great emphasis on "spiritual living"
    • people's relationships with god are personal
  37. Anti Transcendentalism
    -A dark form of Romantic writing set against the positive tone of the Transcendentals
  38. Realism
    • Stresses reality as it appears through observation
    • Social Awareness
    • Written in the vernacular / dialect of the setting
    • Absolute opposition to sentimental fiction
  39. Modern
    • Attempted objectivity; frankness
    • Philosophy of determinism
    • Pessimism
    • Projected of "Strong" Characters
  40. Harlem Renaissance
    • Included within the modern era
    • resulted from the Great Black Migration
    • Celebrated African American vitality
  41. Contemporary Liturature
    • a greater variety of literary styles
    • Often involved social commentary as the second half of the 20th century included the cold war, civil rights movements, the gender revolution etc.
  42. Beatnik
    • Included within the contemporary era
    • Criticized middle class values
    • Viewed life as temporary
    • Feelings in the moment
    • Social Critizism
  43. Scifi/Fantisy
    • Usually based off of science
    • setting now based in this world
    • -Variation of different characters
    • Time Manipulation
    • Salvation or destruction of the human race
  44. Colonial Era Music
    • Music was simpler
    • Tended to have a religious bent to it
    • Old Hundredth -Pilgrims from Holland
    • Green Sleeves -British Origin
  45. Revolutionary War / Post - Colonial era
    • War music - loyalist or patriot audience
    • Johnny has gone for a solider
    • Moving west songs
    • Negro Spiritual and slave songs
    • Follow the Drinking Gord
    • Folk music
    • Old folks at Home
  46. Stephen Foster
    The country's first great songwriter, publishing over 150 "household" songs
  47. Civil war to the New Century
    • Civil war songs
    • Just before the battle mother
  48. J.P. Sousa
    • "the march king"
    • became leader of U.S. marine band in 1880
  49. New Orleans
    Jazz home town
  50. Nashville
    • Country Home town
    • Grand Ole Opry
  51. George Gershwin
    • wrote Rhapsody in blue
    • "Experiment in modern music"
    • included elements of jazz and other genres
  52. Elvis Presley
    • Social Phenomimim
    • Rock and roll artist
    • Thats all right
  53. Bob Dylan
    • Blowin in the wind
    • Betnik era
  54. Print
    Newspapers appeared in the 17th century in 1625
  55. Benfralden
    first person to use images in newspapers in an effort to capture the attention of readers
  56. Branding
    technique used to make a product stand out and be more desirable
  57. Veggie Compound
    Upheld theory that the more you advertise the more you sell
  58. Reason Why Advertising
    Gives them a reason why they need it
  59. Radio
    The "Talking box"
  60. KDLA
    • First radio station
    • Pittsburg
  61. Television
    • Plays to our emotion
    • Did not begin to enter American homes until After WWII
  62. Hard sell
    direct and often times repeated the same expression over and over and over
  63. Diego Rivera
    Artist who made a mural for Rockefeller that encluded Lenin's Face
  64. The sexual Revolution
    • New Views of sexual behavior
    • more freedom to make personal choices
    • Open to discussion of sexual topics
  65. Woodstock
    Largest peacefull gathering to listen to music
  66. The Jazz Age
    • Radio and African migration to cities
    • improvisation
  67. Jazz Clubs
    • In the harlem
    • District on northern end of New York City
  68. Duke Ellington
    • Excellent Pianist
    • Greatest Genious band leader / arranger / composer
  69. The Lost Generation
    • Writers belief in the 1920s
    • Lost in a greedy, materialistic world that lacked moral values
    • Ex F. Scott Fitzgerald
  70. Alain Locke
    "the new negro"
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