Chapter 10

  1. The role of the media in performing its gatekeeping function is an issue of concern becasue the media
    acts as their own guardians, open to no serious challenge in this role
  2. In 1999, a "Chicago Tribune" investigation led the Governor of Illinois to
    suspend the death penalty
  3. When themedia acts as to put specific events into a broader historical contxt, they are performing their
    interpretation fucntion
  4. A free media is iportant in democracy becasue it
    - encourages effective involvement in the political affairs of the country

    -improves the political knowledge of political issues and current events
  5. In perfoming its interpretation funtion, the media
    frame event in ways that subtely make them "good" or "bad"
  6. Which of the following reasons explains the relative lack of attention paid to the congress by the media

    -as country's highest ranking official, pres. tends to garner greater attention

    -congress is a large institution,and few members of congress can claim a level of nation recognition similar to that of the pres.

    -congress is a deliberative body that moves slowly, two factors which do not make for exciting TV coverage

    -congressional procedures historically emphasize consensus building, whille the media thrives on conflict
    all of the above help explain the relative lack of attemtion paid to Congrss by the media
  7. The internet developed in the early 1980's as a result of a(n)
    department of defense program
  8. the media relate to cultural change by
    both reflecting and shaping it
  9. When t he media acts as to put specific events into a broader historical content they're performing their
    interpretation function
  10. The best examples of the persuasive use of the press to advance a political agenda in the decades following independance from BRITAIN are series of news paper essays later published as "The Federalist Papers"
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