Vocabulary Words

  1. satrunine (adj.)
    cold and steady in mood, gloomy or surly in disposition, having a sardonic aspect
  2. sacrosanct (adj.)
    • very sacred or holy, inviolable, treated as if it were prone to criticism or violation
    • (sacrosanctity=noun)
  3. hegemony (noun)
    • a superior influence or authority over others, the social/cultural/idealogical/economic influence exerted by a certain group
    • (hegemonic=adj.)
  4. vitriol (noun)
    • something sharp and caustic that resembles a vitriol (a metal)
    • (vitriolic=adj)
  5. bilious (adj.)
    • of or relating to bile, sickeningly unpleasant, having a peevish, ill-natured disposition
    • (biliously=adv,
    • biliousness=noun)
  6. patina (noun)
    a superficial covering/exterior, the surface of something that has grown beautiful with age, an appearance derived from association, habit or established character
  7. paragon (noun/verb)
    • a model of excellence or perfection
    • (verb-to be in rivalry with)
  8. strident (adj.)
    • a harsh, insistent sound, something that commands attention by a loud, obtrusive quality
    • (stridently=adv)
  9. dilatory (adj.)
    • tending to cause delay, characterized by procrastination
    • (dilatorily=adv.,
    • dilatoriness=noun)
  10. perspicacious (adj.)
    • having keen mental perception, perceptive, acute, sharp (perspicacity
    • & perspicaciousness=noun, perspicasiously=adv.)
  11. antediluvian (adj.)
    extremely primitive, made or developed a long time ago, referring to the time before the flood of the Bible (also a noun)
  12. banal (adj.)
    • lacking originality and freshness; trite
    • (banalize=verb,
    • banally=adv.)
  13. ennui (noun)
    a feeling of weariness and dissatisfaction; boredom
  14. languid (adj.)
    • sluggish, drooping as if from exhaustion, lacking quickness of movement
    • (languidly=adv.,
    • languidness=noun)
  15. sartorial (adj.)
    • of or relating to a tailor or tailored clothes
    • (sartorially=adv.)
  16. vitiate (verb)
    • to make ineffective, faulty, or defective, to lower in moral or aesthetic status
    • (vitiation
    • & vitiator=noun)
  17. peccadillo (noun)
    a slight offense
  18. nubile (adj.)
    • of mariageable condition or age, sexually attractive in a young female
    • (nubility=noun)
  19. pejorative (adj.)
    • having negative connotations, tending to belittle
    • (also
    • a noun, pejoratively=adv.)
  20. milieu (noun)
    the physical or social setting in which something occurs or develops; environment
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