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    • Arp, Collage arranged according to the laws of chance, 1916-17
    • One of the founders of the Dada movement in Zurich in 1916, Arp challenged existing notions of art and experimented with spontaneous and seemingly irrational methods of artistic creation. This work is one
    • of several collages he made by scattering torn rectangular pieces of paper onto a paper support. He and other Dada artists embraced the notion of chance as a way of relinquishing control—a kind of depersonalization of the creative process that would influence many subsequent generations of artists.
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    • Arp, Entombment of Birds and Butterflies [Head of Tristan Tzara], 1916
    • Tristan Tzara ("sad in country,"), dana movement founder, who exchanged letters, poems,and magazines with other French writers, critics and artists.
    • -This work free of frame bases in fact on a double structure of frames, one to structure the inside of the work, one to draw the outside.
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    Dalí, Illumined Pleasures, 1929 (intro to surrealism by Miro)violent f/g raping woman w/red hands-graphic/horror of the unconciouse-blend oil paint and collage; discontinuety of a dream overlaping, film Amalucian Dog=autobib; symbols=personal, self portrain fear of grasshoppers, double sexuality of lion own visual language, ppl balancing things on head=bolder/masculinity and bicycle-Dalitian father
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    Dalí, Paranoiac Face, 1934 "paranoi Critisism"-postcard=group of individulas= Picasso face, optical illusion
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    de Chirico, Gare Montparnasse, 1914 railway station-deprived of ppl, juxtaposing space(close together) windy, bananas=repoussoir is an object along the right or left foreground join you into the pic. rushing perspective??
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    de Chirico, Song of Love, 1914 elements of reality-nonlogical relationship w/one another, "father of surrealism" 10 yr earlier then the movement, inspired meaning w/in viewer, 3 objects: Apollo, glove and ball. "metaphysical" paintings, representations of what lies "beyond the physical" world.chance and spontinuety, Dream=sigment froid-father worked on railroad, transtation, quiet.
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    de Chirico, The Seer, 1915. lack capacity to interact w/world, no arms, missing some organs, 3rd eye=inner vision/ truth perspective off=looks like up-shadow, no cast where is it? black board-imaginary dream like view of perspective
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    de Kooning, Woman I, 1950-52, 2yrs working on it, on spot, no sketch, art historian Shavaro said it was done, Abstract expressionism but not spontanious, left-dynamism she is not standing figure;misogynist-hating woman? grotesque-bracking rule of beauty, she is exagerated, eyes=bolging, emotional figure-power moaybe..prostitute-looking at you. breast=hills, shoulders=lanes, depersonalized the image/woman
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    Dix, Match Seller, 1920 (real newspaper) quadrupal anti...?? bourgeois society=back/flee/ pass the guy, dog=peeing on guy, urin runs over the newspaper, Kokaschka=exp artist 'secret airlaws menifesto'
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    Duchamp, L. H. O. O. Q. 1919 "She has a hot ass" Ready made, assistant ready-made, mustage on Mona Lisa postcard, gender is a construction, gender is socially constructed, made Mona Lisa popular that he could reproduce a Mona Lisa..
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    Duchamp, To be looked at, 1918 Dada sensability-embrasing chance, glass=no b/g, painted f/g geometric studies=fixed, abstract, look through glass its not form of art making, framing real world with own art,
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    Ernst, Natural History- Ways of Leaves, 1925-26 frottage=rubbing, take a sheet of paper=rub w/charcoal over diff surfaces, create image.
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    Gorky, Garden at Sochi, 1940-43, childhood garden, myth maker, changed name and place to Russian to market his work, organic property of line, chaligrophy, spontanious, automatism=free/spontanious, divorce of line and color.
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    • Gropius, Bauhaus, Dessau, 1925-26 (House of Building), one of the most influential architecture and design schools of the 20th century. gropius was head ofthe school. Were all working together in big
    • environment- didn’t just take painting etc-took everything.Multi-winged block of buildings. Dorms,
    • classrooms, studios, etcWanted utopia school. Didn’t see difference in arts. All arts and
    • crafts are good and should be brought
    • together (unlike older schools). Break down
    • barrier of ‘low’ and ‘high’ arts. Gropius loved glass, right angles, and concrete.
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    Heartfield, Hurray, The butter’s all gone!, 1932 DADA dream like world=nightmare-bad dream going forward; iron=make ppl strong, butter=make ppl fat, eating metal instead, baby=ax, fasiasm swastika b/g wallpaper.
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    Höch, Cut with the Dada Kitchen Knife, 1919-20 1.over politics, 2. collage-photo montage=printing technique-fragmantation=society-world 'breaking up' quality-sence of order in the scene of disorder (heart of pic little Kathe Kollwitz-programatic forms the four parts. "Die Anti Dada"- aftermath of monarchy after WWI King replaced by repub govt. women's voting rights; 3/4 left corner= mass politics-groups/demonstrating "jpin the dada movt" upper left=Einstein=speed and relative TITLE=knife=women stay at home 'New women'=change in woman acceptance, military vote, smoke, dress etc. "beer belly"=tool of capitalism=repub party. metaphore for spinning/turning change or technology mass prod.
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    Janco, Tristan Tzara, 1919 Paper, board, burlap, ink, and gouache
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    Johns, Flag 1954-55 neo-dada. things mind already knows, freeing self from inventing, focus on process-ways to look at objects escential diff in painting and reality only paints symbols=man made objects 2.likes idea-useful object or abstract non objective painting
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    Johns, Target with four faces, 1955 part revealed-part conceiled=who he is, a mask? pop art + minimalism??
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    Le Corbusier, Purist Still-Life, 1920 was a Swiss-born French architect, designer, urbanist, writer and painter, famous for being one of the pioneers of what now is called Modern architecture or the International style
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    • Le Corbusier, Villa Savoye, 1928-30 Le Corbusier (the Raven)
    • -French architect who created "machines for living," they are designed around the needs of the people who occupy them
    • -felt that architecture should be designed independent of nature so that it would not be tied to any one environment.
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    Lichtenstein, Drowning Girl, 1963Pop Art, gender rolls from pop culture, feminine and masculine, mass media and education, oposite of stereotype=empty; drowning and crying=imposible to do at same time, unreal-deconstruct themselves, irrational=die instead of ask for help, flat pic=lack reality, flatness=not pissible. passivity=fem activity=male
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    Lichtenstein, Girl with Ball, 1961 Pop-Art, (I=do not depict, I unify) abstract painting, image making/painting-revise pop culture. Poccano's Mnt-sly tribute to Piet Mondrian=3 primary colors, professor of fine art..?
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    Magritte, Euclidean Promenades, 1955 surrealism? cone same as street, object and seeing reality-perspective/intelect=cone
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    Magritte, Interpretation of dreams, 1927 word and image, pocket knife=bird, sponge=sponge, semiatics=study of signs, all form of rep of world.3 diff king. 1.icon=pic/sign is devine 2. symbol=nothing natural, invented by men kind, 3. index..?
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    Magritte,Treachery of Images, 1928-29 "This is not a pipe" imagery doesn't exactly mean that thing, image of a pipe, symbolic of pipe,
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    Man Ray, The Rope Dancer Accompanies Herself with Her Shadows, 1916 DADA emulates Duchamp, cinematic experience of movement-popular culture=rope dancer-spinning in space cut away construction paper=movement through space=shadow, made from cut-out,Comparing the accidental pattern with shadows that a dancer might have cast, he incorporated it into his composition
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    Masson, Battle of the fishes, 1926 Surrealism, 1st draws, goes back in brings out the figures potential=intentionlly, significant-color and line=divorces; color=out of the tube/rep object/collage element-texture, evoke diff sences, glue=pour sand, automatic not drawn
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    Miro, Birth of the World, 1925 surrealism, automatism-spontanious, shellshock-posttramatic stress, origin/beginning, new painting style-creation of life-universe symbolise 2 levels of reading pg or R triangle as kite balloon as balloon, or sperm and falic female, b/g is space, something out of nothing, figure=crawling like birth, b/g differenciates the pic what came 1st etc automatism primed canvus unevenly rubs in w/cloth-stain imagery, flings it=drip=birth of new style contrast b/g and f/g
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    • Moholy-Nagy, Telephone Picture, 1922 impersonal,made in Berlin via the process of modern technology: Moholy-Nagy dictated the paintings' specifications by telephone (a relatively new
    • invention at the time) to the foreman of a sign factory.... Thetelephone was a new studio tool that allowed Moholy-Nagy to produce work independent not just of his own hand but of his presence
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    Mondrian, Composition in red, yellow and blue, 1922 The Style, non representational=neo-plasticism, pure-abstract, reducing a painting to the simple elements of line and color,wanted flat pics,
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    • Newman, Onement, 1948 early expressionism and cubism?? paints super flat, no sense of gesture, barrows from religion Judism? onement=unity/whole=spiritual zip atop a strip of masking tape with a palette knife. This thick,
    • irregular band on the smooth field of Indian Red simultaneously divides; zip=line in middle, limited shape, figure ground relationship, comparing and deviding.
    • and unites the composition.
  33. Image Upload 33
    Newman, Vir Heroicus Sublimis, 1950-51,zips frame the void=human figures, red=sublime, extensive, 5 zips=3 pannels, religious picture triptych
  34. Image Upload 34
    Oldenburg, The Store, 1961-62 (pop-Artist-Fine Arts side) sculptor's sculpter, commercial district-art studio in back-sell in front, material=burlack/dip in plaster=fragile pieces art is or is not fundimental from commerce, gallary=store, 'bringing art to people' not part of museum=less expensive.
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    Picania, Ideal, 1915 DADA depicts Stieglitz as a camera with an automobile brake attached to it that is in motion (like tank).Source: Francis Picabia: Here, This Is Stieglitz Here (49.70.14) | Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
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    Picabia, Still Lifes, 1920 Dada, Portrait of Rembrandt, perfect collage, monkey=statement of 'ape of nature' copy monkey unatural gesture, tail comes out, stuffed monkey metaphore?
  37. Image Upload 37
    Pollock, One, # 31, 1950 Automatism, spontanious, creates at that time, inspired by 1.mexican muralism-took the political out of it and took the scale and power of it, 2. industrial paints for painting, used anamol=nontraditional and poured more easily/uses entire body to paint, process of painting, critics: greenbery and rosenbery object 1. all-overness, 2 flatness, 3 framing edge,greenbery-no bg,md or end, continuous; flatness= no 3D space, metaphore b/g unprimed canvus thick as builds up w/paint; framing edge-controls the medium-frames it with less paint creating on ground=radical, hanging up=traditional,
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    Rauschenberg, Bed, 1955, Abstract Expressionist/pop??, ?bed-actual, dripping, real sheets, pillow=3D, displayed like a picture, braking down astetic barriers, could be bodily fluids, painting in real space, body into picture,
  39. Image Upload 39
    Rauschenberg, Erased de Kooning, 1953 space and time, conceptual artist=experimental, Edupis complex-he isnt famous de Kooning is, all about the process, the process of being erased, subject matter is no longer de Kooning, passage of time,
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    Rauschenberg, Factum I, 1937 (copy w/out original) paints simultaneously, confuse idea of copy, "original thats better, copy thats not good'? president Eisenhower=multiple mag,newspaper, building=photography-plural,
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    • Rietveld, Schröder House, Utrecht, 1924-25 The Style/de stijl build for mrs. schroder and her 3 children, he facades are a collage of planes and lines whose components are purposely detached from, and seem to glide past, one another. This enabled the
    • provision of several balconies. Like Rietveld's Red and Blue Chair, each component has its own form, position and colour. Colours were chosen as to strengthen the plasticity of the facades;
    • surfaces in white and shades of grey, black window and doorframes, and a number of linear elements in primary colours.
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    Rosenquist, F-111, 1965 Pop art, instalation of environmental work, architectural=space to enclose you, diff images all around you, filled of vision not a mural, 50 pannels, compartmenization, b/g=F-111 military place, part of vietnam war, failed chatestrophically, military complex=part of community. Eisenhower cant seperate military from civilian, umbrella=nuclear, girl=rocket, cake=missle ailes, spaghetti=avoiding complicated symbolism
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    Rothko, Untitled, 1951 abstract expressionist, traditional medium, paints, 'facades'-nothing is even in the canvus, one of more horizontal cut work=landscape painting and horizontal lines..
  44. Image Upload 44
    Scholz, Industrial Farmers, 1920 (dada) collage on oil painting, critique of German society, experience, displaced from home, starving farmers didn't help; freakshow farmer family, bible=bank notes on forhead, priest on stomack=turkey, mother=loos screw-mortal sin/hands w/pig nuckles, son=torturing a toad, poster in b/g=lithograoh=specially popular in war time, glue your child's face into it.
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    Schwitters, Merzbau, 1930 he stockpiled materials and built them into three-dimensional,sculptural edifices. abstract, expressionist, his own life into it...
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    • Schwitters, The Cherry Picture, 1921Cut-and-pasted colored and printed paper, cloth, wood, metal, cork, oil, pencil, and ink on paperboard, collected bits of newspaper, candy wrappers, and other debris, and began making the collages and assemblages for which he is best known
    • today. The Cherry Picture belongs to a group of these works he called Merz, a nonsensical word that he made up by cutting a scrap from a newspaper: the second syllable of the German word Kommerz, or commerce.
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    • Tzara, The Admiral Is Looking For a House To Rent, 1916Dada
    • tonal poetry, in which several voices speak, sing, whistle, etc.
    • simultaneously in such a way that the resulting combinations account
    • for the total effect of the work. The simultaneous poem demonstrates
    • the value of the human voice and is a powerful illustration of the fact
    • that an organic work of art has a will of its own. The piece was
    • written in 1916 as a performance piece for the Caberet Voltaire by
    • Tristan Tzara, Richard Hulsenbeck and Marcel Janco.
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    Warhol, Coca-Cola, 1961permability of commercial art to fine art, gesture=personality, peronal/expressive/process of painting, abstract expressionist=hand painted,
  49. Image Upload 49
    Warhol, Gold Marilyn Monroe, 1962, Pop art, celebrity=artificial, not born, made a celeb. peron is not same as persona, mask/self-presentation. pic=past tense from 1953, done after she died, view through memory=magnify her, crop her head, she was known for her sexuality, gold leaf=precious/jems. (crop like icon=religious)
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