1. Most common s/e for nitroglycerin
  2. Which electrolyte imbalance can cause notable torsades de pointes
    hypo magnesium
  3. Which electrolyte imbalance deficiency shortens QT intervals
  4. EKG rhythm strip; P-wave and QRS-waves are regular and heart rate is 64; what kind of heart rhythm?
    normal sinus rhythm (NSR)
  5. Which catheter lies on superior vena cava
    central veinous catheter
  6. What would be best explanation for the reason for stress test
    how the heart will handle work load (about the heart works during exercise)
  7. Potassium is important
    it can alter myocardial muscle function
  8. What can happen to heart rate when not enough potassium
    premature ventricular contraction (PVC)
  9. If pt is hypokalemic, what electrolyte has to be changed?
  10. If pt has MI, in what period of time will you see a rise in cardiac enzymes
    4 to 6 hours
  11. The usual insertion site for swanz-ganz cath
    sub clavian vein
  12. What angle should pt be at to accurately measure wedge pressure in the subclavian vein
    lying supine: 0 to 60 degrees
  13. FILL-IN:

    the difference in korotkoff pressure of 10 mm mg inhaling and exhaling. What is the difference called?
    Pulses Paradoxus
  14. SATA: cx that causes hypokalemia
    • GI loses
    • Cortisone (chronic steroid therapy)
    • Diuretics therapy with insufficient replacement
  15. Pt is on Coumadin therapy, what should be restricted
  16. SATA: serum cardiac markers after MI
    • Troponin
    • Myoglobin
    • CK-MB
  17. Right sided heart failure; s/s
    nocturnal polyuria
  18. FILL-IN:

    cord like structure attached to mitral and tricusbid valves
    chordae tendineae
  19. FILL-IN:

    acute compression on the heart due to pericardial accumulation results in ___________
  20. SATA: The nx is in intensive care unit, caring for a pt receiving hemo-dynamic monitoring. When
    planning for pt’s care which nx diagnosis may be use by the nx?
    • Fluid volume deficit
    • Fluid volume excess
    • Decrease cardiac output
    • Ineffective tissue profusion
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