1. contact
    touching, connection
  2. contiguous
    in physical contact, adjoining
  3. contingent
    dependent on something else, accidental
  4. intact
    untouched or uninjured
  5. intangible
    can't be perceived by sense of touch, hard to grasp or define
  6. tact
    mental perception of what is appropriate on a given occasion
  7. tactful
    having or showing tact, diplomatic
  8. tactile
    pertaining to sense of touch, tangible
  9. tangent
    touching at only one point
  10. tangenital
    merely touching, slightly connected
  11. apprehend
    seize or take into custody, understand
  12. apprehensive
    quick to understand or grasp, anxious
  13. comprehensible
    able to be grasped mentally, understandable
  14. comprehensive
    includes very much, extensive
  15. prehensile
    adapted for seizing
  16. reprehend
    to find fault with
  17. reprehensible
    deserving of censure
  18. abject
    downtrodden, wretched
  19. conjecture
    guess, inference
  20. dejected
    downcast, discouraged
  21. eject
    throw out, expel
  22. inject
    force, introduce
  23. interject
    insert, throw inbetween
  24. object
    protest, disapprove
  25. project
    "throw forward" ideas, plan
  26. projectile
    body to be shot or "thrown forward"
  27. reject
    discard, refuse to take
  28. subject
  29. advert
    turn attention
  30. aversion
    strong dislike
  31. avert
  32. controversy
    dispute, debate
  33. convert
    transform, "turn" from one belief to another
  34. diversion
    entertainment, amusement
  35. divert
    turn aside, amuse, entertain
  36. extrovert
    outgoing person
  37. inadvertently
    carelessly, unintentionally
  38. incontrovertible
    not open to question
  39. introvert
    shy person, turned inward
  40. invert
    turn upside down
  41. obverse
    side turned toward the observer, front of a coin, etc
  42. perverse
    corrupt, wrongheaded
  43. pervert
    give a wrong meaning to
  44. revert
    go back, return
  45. versatile
  46. verse
    line of poetry
  47. vertigo
  48. commitment
  49. demise
  50. emissary
    person sent on a mission
  51. emit
    send out, give off
  52. intermittent
    coming and going at intervals
  53. missile
    weapon capable of being propelled to hit a distant object
  54. missive
    letter, written message
  55. remiss
    careless, negligent
  56. remission
    lessening, disappearance, forgiveness
  57. remit
    send money due, forgive
  58. transmit
    convey, go from one person/thing to another
  59. circumlocation
    roundabout way of speaking
  60. colloquial
    conversational, informal
  61. colloquy
    talking together, conversation
  62. elocution
    art of speaking/reading well in public
  63. eloquent
    speaking with force and fluency
  64. grandiloquent
    using pompous words
  65. interlocutor
    questioner, one who participates in a conversation
  66. loquacious
  67. obloquy
    speaking against, bad repute
  68. auriferous
    bearing or yeilding gold
  69. coniferous
    bearing cones, pine tree
  70. odoriferous
    bearing odor, usually fragrant
  71. pestiferous
    infected with/bearing disease, evil
  72. proliferous
    producing new growth rapidly
  73. somniferous
    inducing sleep
  74. vociferous
    noisy, producing loud outcry
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