Math Vocab

  1. Algebraic Expression
    contains at least one variable.
  2. Divisible
    A # is divisable by another # if the remander is 0
  3. Exponent
    Indicates how many times a number is multiplied by it's self.
  4. Real Numbers
    contains all the rational #'s and irrational #'s
  5. Formula
    A short hand way to write a world rule. Variables represent words.
  6. Multiple
    a multiple of a given # is a product that has the given # as one of its factors.
  7. Per cent
    ratio in which second term is 100.
  8. Variable
    letter representing one or more #’s
  9. Whole Numbers
    Set of numbers from 0 on
  10. Composite Numbers
    A composite number is a counting # greater than one that is not a prime #.
  11. Retail Price
    The same price for items sold in stores.
  12. Rate of Discount
    discounts expressed as a certain percent of the list price. The percent is called the rate of discount.
  13. Proportion
    an equation that states that 2 ratios are equal
  14. Probability
    an event is the ratio of the # of favorable outcomes to the total # of outcomes for the event.
  15. Ratio
    quotient that compares 2 numbers.
  16. Value of a numerical Expression
    to find it perform the indicated operations
  17. Equivalent Fractions
    fractions that name the same number.
  18. Power of a Number
    A # multiplied by n times rising it to Nth times.
  19. Combining Like Terms
    when you add or subtract like terms.


  20. Mean
    Sum of all the numbers divided by the numbers in the set.
  21. Absolute Value
    To indicate distance, but not direction, from 0.
  22. Factoring
    If the terms of the sum or difference share a common factor, the product can be rewritten as one of the factors.
  23. Like Terms
    Two or more like terms have the same variable, and the same powers.
  24. Perfect Square
    A rational # whose square is also a rational #.
  25. Interest
    the amount of money that is charged for borrowing money.
  26. median
    The middle number in a set that is arranged in numerical order.
  27. Net Price
    The amount after the deduction of the discount.
  28. Equation
    It is a sentence that contains an = symbol.
  29. Even Number
    A # that is divisible by 2.
  30. Like Fractions
    Fractions that have a common denominator.
  31. Odds
    The ratio from # of ways an event can occur to the # of ways it cannot occur.
  32. Interest Rate
    Usually expressed as a % of a principle.
  33. Reciprocals
    2 #’s having 1 as their product.
  34. (LCM)
    two or more counting numbers have the smallest counting # that able to be divided into it.
  35. Numerical Expression
    Includes at least one operations- (+, -, x, /.)
  36. Discount
    Difference between the list and sale prices.
  37. Evaluate
    To find the value
  38. Factor
    A # that is divisible by another # is its factor.
  39. Hypotenuse
    the side opposite of the right angle. (Longest side)
  40. Intergers
    Set is made up of positive, zero, and negative #’s
  41. Perimeter
    Distance around a figure.
  42. Unit Price
    The price “per” something.
  43. Mode
    The number in a set that occurs most often.
  44. Principle
    Amount of money borrowed on in which interest is paid.
  45. Wholesale Price
    the price in which the store buys the item at.
  46. Rational #'s
    Consists of negative, zero, and positive rational #’s
  47. odd #
    A number not divisible by 2.
  48. Prime Factorization
    every composite number is expressed as a product of prime numbers. So the product is the PF.
  49. Prime #'s
    A number greater than one and has exactly 2 factors
  50. solve an equation
    Means to find the number(s) that will make it true.
  51. Algebraic Fraction
    Fractions with at least one variable in it

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