Human A and P Final S2

  1. lymphatic system
    absorbs liquids release out of other systems
  2. homatopoesis
    process of making red blood cells
  3. name of red blood cell
  4. length of life of red blood cell`
    125 days
  5. integramatry system
    skin and arteries
  6. distal
    far away from body
  7. proimal
    closer to the body
  8. superficial
  9. transverse (cross section)
    top to bottom
  10. coronal (frontal)
    front to back
  11. sagital
    left to right
  12. mid sagital (median)
    directly down the middle
  13. front side
    • ventral/front
    • dorsal/back
  14. backside
    • anterior/front
    • posterior/back
  15. anticubital region
    elbow front
  16. popliteal fossa
    back of the knee
  17. femoral
    big bone
  18. patella
    front of the knee
  19. fossa
    a depression in bone
  20. deltoid region
    curve of sholder
  21. amino acid
  22. polypeptide
  23. biological catalyst
  24. what an enzime is
  25. sharpeys fibers
    holds bone to other promesom
  26. largest 2 foot bones
    the calcanus and the tallis
  27. association neuron
    the neuron between two other neurons
  28. hypothalamus
    thermostat for the body
  29. fovea centralis
    highest concentration of cones in the eye
  30. jelly stuff in the eye
    vetrius humor helps give the eye ball its shape
  31. mumps is when
    parotid glands are infected
  32. mitral valve
    between atrium and ventrical
  33. ocytosen
    causes contractions
  34. relaxin
    relaxes joint in pelvic regions or area
  35. braxton hicks cantractions
    is a false contraction
  36. menarche
    name of first time girl has a period
  37. eight weeks`
    systems forming in baby
  38. how many days it takes eggs to travel from ovary to uterus
    three days
  39. how long sperm lives
    three days
  40. arbitrary partitions
    partitioning of prenatal development by introducing a particular time to identify the transition from embryo to fetus
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