Modern History Semester Test Study Guide

  1. Terrorism means what?
    • The use or threat of violence to create fear or alarm.
    • (Comes from the words "Reign of Terror.")
  2. Define Ecotage.
    The terrorism associated with environmentalists sabotaging businesses.
  3. Define Fundamentalism.
    A religous movement or point of view characterized by a return to fundamental principles, often intolerent of other views.
  4. What is the purpose of tree spiking?
    To stop logging companies from cutting down trees.
  5. What group of people are targeted the most by terrorism?
  6. Define Zionism.
    A political movement to create a Jewish state.
  7. U.S.S. Cole bombing.
    Happened in Yemen - Bin Laden was responsible - 17 died.
  8. Ground Zero.
    The site of the World Tade Center.
  9. What does Al Qaeda mean?
    The Base.
  10. Name three Terrorist.
    • 1) KKK
    • 2) ELF
    • 3) Shining Path
  11. Name three Non-violent fundamentalist or Fundamentalist groups.
    • 1) MLK. JR.
    • 2) Hippies
    • 3) Billy Graham
  12. ERA.
    The Equal Rights Amendment.
  13. Name threee causes for youth rebellion in the 1960's.
    • 1) Vietnam War
    • 2) Civil Rights Movement
    • 3) The youth did not trust the adults
  14. How did Vietnam Vets. protest the Vietnam War?
    Rejected their medals by throwing them back.
  15. Two high-profile people that were assassinated during the 1960's.
    • 1) MLK. JR.
    • 2) Robert Kennedy
  16. What was Al Qaeda's first US target?
    The World Trade Center.
  17. What country was thr first adversary of Al Qaeda?
    The Soviet Union.
  18. Verses in the Koran?
    6,346 Verses.
  19. Osama inherited how much money from his family?
    35 Million.
  20. What was the U.S. response to the Somalia Conflict?
    Withdrew their troops.
  21. What country is a model for airport security?
  22. In what country was the USS Cole bombed?
  23. Three astronauts on Apollo 11?
    • 1) Neil Armstrong
    • 2) Michael Collins
    • 3) Buzz Aldrin
  24. The last point the Apollo could abort the mission?
    Dead Man's Curve.
  25. The U.S. Space Program was competing with what other country?
  26. In what year was the Apollo 11 mission?
  27. In what year did the U.S. make its last trip to the moon?
  28. Name of the landing site on the moon?
    Tranquility Base.
  29. What city was Kennedy shot in?
    Dallas, Texas.
  30. Who was Kennedy's replacement?
    Lyndon Baines Johnson.
  31. The other politician that was shot during the assassination was?
    Govener Conley of Texas.
  32. Who was the lone assassin?
    Lee Harvey Oswald.
  33. Where were the shots fired from?
    The six floor of the Texas School Book Depository.
  34. What was the year of the assassination?
  35. What was the US response to 9/11?
    War in Afghanistan and Iraq.
  36. Bin Laden's Father.
    Got his fortune by being a builder for the Saudi Royal family.
  37. In 1991 what country did Bin Laden have to flee from/
    Saudi Arabia.
  38. In what year was Bin Laden captured and killed and by whom?
    2011 and by US troops.
  39. Name 10 national or world events that took place during this semester.
    • 1) Royal Wedding
    • 2) Bin Laden captured and killed
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