Neuro Pharm S2M1

  1. What are the Dopamine precursur drugs
  2. Why is Carbidopa given with L-Dopa
    It inhibits the breakdown of L-Dopa in the periphery so it can be taken into the BBB
  3. How long is L-Dopa effective for
    Usually two years until it loses its effectiveness
  4. What are the contraindictions of L-Dopa
    • Nausea
    • Vomiting
    • Hallucinations
  5. How should you treat young patients with Parkinsons
    Give a Dopamine agonist first and switch to the L-Dopa when they stop working
  6. Selegiline and Rasagiline
    MAO-B inhibitors helps with controlling motor fluctuations
  7. Bromocriptine
    Dopamine agonist
  8. Ropinirole
    Dopamine agonist
  9. What is good about Dopamine agonists
    They are neuroprotective
  10. Rotigotine
    • Dopamine agonist
    • Patch available
    • Used for restless leg syndrome
  11. Apomorphine
    • Dopamine agonist
    • It is considered a rescue med for freezing moments
    • Nasal spray is available
  12. Amanatadine
    • Glutamate inhibitor
    • Don't use with patients over the age of 65
    • "A man needs a mate"
  13. Benztropine
    • Muscarinic antagonist
    • "Benz have muscle"
  14. Donepezil
    • Cholinesterase inhibitor
    • Used for Parkinsons and Alzheimers
  15. Buspirone
    • Atypical antianxiety drug
    • "Its atypical to drive a bus"
  16. Physostigmine
    • Used for both Parkinsons and Alzheimers
    • Cholinesterase inhibitor
    • "People with Parkinsons and Alzheimers have a stigma"
  17. Memantine
    • Glutamate inhibitor used for both Alzheimers and Parkinsons
    • "A man needs a mate"
  18. Tacrine
    • Cholinesterase inhibitor
    • Used for both Alzheimers and Parkinsons
    • "Tac cholinesterase to the wall"
  19. Dopamine has what affect on GABA
    Normally it is a inhibitory response on GABA
  20. Acetylcholine has what effect on GABA
  21. Pramipexole
    Dopamine agonist
  22. When should anticholinergics not be used
    With patients over the age of 65
  23. What part of the brain is damaged in Alzheimers
    Locus Ceruleus
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