Drug dosages

  1. Aspirin for chest pain
    325 mg or 4 baby aspirin
  2. Atropine for bradicardia with a pulse
    0.5mg Q3-5 minutes up to a max of 3mg
  3. Epi in a code
    1:10,000. 1 mg Q3-5 minutes
  4. Adinosine for SVT
    If QRS is .12 or > must be monomorphic. 6mg, 12mg, 12mg
  5. Versed sedation dose (chemical restraints)
    2.5-5.0mg up to 10mg
  6. Versed in seizures
    • 5-10mg IM
    • 2.5-5.0mg IV up to 10mg
  7. Valium/ Diazepam sedation dose
  8. Valium/Diazepam Seizure
    2mg/min up to 10mg
  9. Morphine sedation dose
  10. Morphine for pain management
    • 2mg doses up to 10mg IV if BP>90
    • 5-10mg IM
    • 2-10mg IV/IO/IM. May repeat up to 20mg max for major burns
  11. Dopamine for bradycardia
    Infuse 2-10mcg/kg/min
  12. Epi for Bradycardia
    Infuse 2-10mcg/kg/min
  13. Epi for bronchospasm
    0.3mg of 1:1,000 IM if BP<180 an no hx of CAD
  14. Epi for anaphylaxis
    • 0.01mg/kg up to 0.3mg of 1:1,000 IM.
    • If no response infuse 2-10mcg/min for shock
    • If cardiovascular collapse is present 0.3-0.5mg IV/IO/ET 1:10,000
  15. How do you mix Epi for infusion
    • 2mg of 1:1,000 in 250cc bag of NS. = 8mcg/cc
    • 60gtts tube at 15gtts/min = 2mcg/min
    • 60gtts tube at 75gtts/min = 10mcg/min
  16. Albuterol for bronchospasm
    2.5mg in 3cc
  17. Atrovent
    500mcg in 3cc up to 3 doses
  18. Nitro for chest pain
    0.4mg x 3 if BP>90
  19. Nitro for pulmonary edema
    0.4mg Q5min x3 if BP>90
  20. Glucagon
    1mg IM
  21. Activated Charcoal
    50gms for poison ingestion <1 hour
  22. Ondansetron
    4-8mg IV or PO
  23. Dopamine for hypotenstion
    BP<90 2-10mcg/kg/min in 60gtts tubing
  24. Dextrose (D50)
    BS <60 = 25gm IV
  25. Thiamine for ALOC
  26. Benadryl for allergic reaction
    50mg over 2 min IV/IM
  27. Benadryl for acute dystonic reaction
    50mg IV/IM
  28. Sync cardiovert dose for Narrow and regular rythm
  29. Sync cardiovert dose for Wide and regular rythm
  30. Sync cardiovert dose for Narrow and Irregular rythm
  31. Sync cardiovert dose for wide and irregular rythm
    Defib not sync cardiovert
  32. Sync cardiovert dose of A-fib
    120J then 200J
  33. Sync cardiovert dose of A-flutter
    50j then 100j then 200j
  34. Sync cardiovert dose of unstable SVT
    50j then 100j then 200j
  35. Diltiazem for A-fib or A-flutter with a rate >100 and a BP >90 and no history of WPW
    • 10-20mg IV.
    • Consider a low dose for >60years and <60kg. May repeat 1 time to a total of 20mg
  36. Methylprednisolone/Solumedrol for bronchospasm
    125mg IV/IM
  37. Methylprednisolone/Solumedrol for Allergic reaction
    125mg IV/IM
  38. Nalaxone for od
    0.4-2.0mg IV/IO/IM up to a max of 6.0mg
  39. Furosemide for pulmonary edema
    0.5-1.0mg/kg if BP>90 up to 80mg max
  40. Mag Sulfate for Bronchospasm
    2grms in 50cc NS over 5min. 100gtts/min in 10gtts tubing
  41. Mag sulfate for pre-Eclamptic pt.
    4-6grms Iv over 10-15min. Add 4grms to 100cc D5W,NS,or LR
  42. Mag sulfate for seizing (eclamptic) pt
    4-6grms IV over 5-10min. If not resoploved patch for Valium
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