history test 2

  1. who had the idea for manifest destiny?
    John L. O'sullivan
  2. what is foreign policy?
    our relationships with other countries
  3. what is our domestic policy?
    relationship within the country
  4. what did GW's farewell address do?
    gave advice
  5. when was the mexican american war and what treaty ended it?
    1846-1848; Treaty of Guadalupe
  6. when and where did the age of imperialism take place?
    mid 1800s to early 1900s in asia, africa, central and south america
  7. why did the imperialistic courties want an empire?
    b/c they wanted more markets and materials
  8. what was the name of the first race for empire?
    ages of exploration and colonization
  9. what were the social factors promoting imperialism?
    that the white man's burden was to civilize these "savages"
  10. what were the political factors that promoted imperialism?
    the fact that the white men felt the need to democratize and nationalize
  11. what were the economic factors promoting imperialism?
    that nations wanted new markets
  12. what were the religous factors promoting imperialism?
    the white men felt the need to christianize
  13. what was the maxilmillion affair?
    napoleon sent maxamillion to mexico to be emporor. this was a violation of the monroe doctrine but we didnt pay attention until the civil war was over then we headto mexico napoleon and the french leave exept he leaves maximillion who is killed by mexicans
  14. what was the alabama claims dispute?
    the alabama was a privateer ship. it causes 10 million $ in directs damages and 2 billion in indirect. british provided these privateer ships so USA sues b/c they broke neutrality. they both submit to international arbitration. USA got 10 million
  15. when why and by whom was alaska purchased?
    in 1867 by William Seward to get russians out of there
  16. what was the venezuelan boundary dispute?
    venezuela was a spanish country that earned its independence. britain had a colony east of v. called guyana and they tried to make their boundary bigger. US enforces monroe doctrine and venezuela and great britain to into international arbitration
  17. what was the olney doctrine?
    secretary of state, Olney says US is practically sovereign
  18. what did mohan write?
    The Influence Of Sea Power Upon History. says we need a navy. this was finalized during the administration of TR. this navy called White Fleet
  19. Hawaii
    pinnaple and sugarcane plantation. they had a queen. american buisnessmen inves but a tariff is put on the goods. buisnessmen want to get rid of tax by invasion but congress says no so they provoke a revolt. Grover cleveland says no and threatens to stop all trade with hawaii. McKinley is elected and the buisness men provoke another revolt. we annex hawaii
  20. what is yellow journalism
    sensational and mostly biased stories made to sell
  21. explain cause and effects of the Maine explosion
    McKinley send the Maine to Cuba to show power. It blows up and we blame spain. it wasnt spain but they are willing to pay us compensation just to avoid war. we declare it
  22. 4 reasons for the spanish american war
    • 1)liberate cubans
    • 2)defend american citizens
    • 3)defend american buisness interist
    • 4)Preserve world peace
  23. what was the teller amendment?
    says if we win war we wont annex cuba it will become independent
  24. what were the provisions of the treaty of paris?
    • 1)cuba is independent but we are responsible for it
    • 2)we take the philipinnes
    • 3)cuba must adopt religious toleration
    • 4)we also get puerto rico and guam
  25. what were the provisions of the platt amendments?
    • 1)no entangling alliances that could threaten independence
    • 2)cant go into debt
    • 3)we will send in troops to protect from inside or outside attack
    • 4)U.S. gets naval base: Guantamino Bay
  26. what was the hay-herran treaty?
    between US and Columbia. sells US 6 mile strip of land accross panama for 10 million the n250,000 every year after that
  27. what was the hay-bunau-varilla treaty?
    new treaty US gets 10 miles across in panama. we pay 10 million and 250,00 every year after that and 40 million for french to leave
  28. what was the drago doctrine?
    stated that the US military intervention may not be used to collect debt in the westrn hemisphere.
  29. what was the roosevelt corollary?
    TR stated that he will enforce monroe doctrine and use force if necessary
  30. what was the taft-katsura agreement?
    we recognize japan's hold of korea and they promise not to expand
  31. what was the gentlemen's agreement?
    japan agrees to limit emigrants, US promises to invstigate reports of racist and fix them
  32. what was the root-takahira agreement?
    USA and Japan promise tp uphold and maintain the open door in china and agree to respect sovereinty of china
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