1. What is the nature of alcohol?
    • It is a psychoactive ingrediant of alcohol is ethyl alcohol ( the only alcohol that can be consumed)
    • 3-6 beer
    • 6-8 malt liqoure
    • 9-14 table wine
    • 20 fortified
    • 35-50 hard liquore
  2. what is the defenition of a proof value?
    concentration of alcohol in beverage shown by 2X percentage concentration and it provides 7 calorie.
  3. What are means of absorption of alcohol?
    • 20% rapidly absorped from stomach
    • 75% in upper small intestine
    • The remaining is absorped in GI track
  4. What are some factors associated with absorption?
    • carbonation increase
    • artificial sweetner increase
    • food in stomach decrease absorption
    • drink of high concentration decrease absorption
  5. What are means of metabolism, excrition:
    • transported via blood stream
    • easily move through memberane
    • main site of metabolism live
    • 2-10% of injested not metabolized , crosses brain membrane , it effects neurotransmitter , if drinking is chronic , effects on neurotransmitter can be permanent.
    • *When alcohol and tabbaco is introduced to developing brain it effect development of new brain cells.
  6. What is blood alcohol concentration?
    • Measure of intoxication
    • Influanced by body weight/ percentage of body fat
  7. What are metabolism of alcohol influanced by?
    • genetic factor
    • drinking factor
  8. what are some effects of alcohol on health?
    • It depends on individual/ circumestance and amount used
    • BAC .03-.05 relaxation and release of inhibition
    • At .1 major reduction in most sensory, motor functioning
    • At .2 unable to function
    • At .35 coma / death
  9. What is hangover?
    It is caused by toxins and alcohol breakdown, dehydration, hormones
  10. What are some chronic effects of alcohol:
    • Digestive ( Liver function, pancrease inflammation)
    • Cardiovascular ( Cardivascular, moderate reduces risk of HD, Higher dose elevates BP, weaken heart muscle)
    • Cancer ( mouth, throat, breast cancer)
    • Brain Cancer ( alcoholics show brain damage, loss of gray/ white matter, blood flow, slows metabolic rate)
    • mortality ( alcoholic lose about 15 years)
  11. What are effects of alcohol during pregnancy:
    • it crosses placenta and harm fetus ( causes fetal alcohol syndrome)
    • leading cause of mental impairment
  12. What is alcohol abuse? What is alcohol dependence?
    • recurrent use having negative consequances.
    • extensive problem, tolorance, withdrawls
  13. What are signs of alcohol abuse?
    • Drink alone
    • use deliberatly
    • feeling uncomfortable
    • increase consumption
    • consume heavily before risky situation
    • getting drunk
    • drink on unusual times
  14. What is binge drinking?
    pattern of alcohol that brings BAC to .08 within tow hours ( five drins in two hours within 30 days)
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