THS 503E Exam III

  1. Define Death
    The seperation of the of the materail and immaterial aspects of a person
  2. Define Intermediate State
    State of existence between physical death and physical resurrection.
  3. Define Kingdom
    God's People in God's Place under God's Rule
  4. Define Inaugurated Eschatology
    God's promised Messiah has come in the person of Jesus, inaugurating (beginning) the promised age of salvation. We have the first taste of a number of eschatological blessings. But the consummation and final fulfillment is yet future.
  5. Define Heaven
    Heaven is about getting to be with Jesus, doing what He likes to do.
  6. Seven Aspects of Kingdom of God in OT prophecy
    • 1) Spiritual
    • 2) Moral/Ethical
    • 3) Social
    • 4) Political
    • 5) Physical
    • 6) Ecclesiastical
    • 7) Doxological
  7. The "Reconciling Kingdom Program"
    • The dynamic activity of the soveriegn, triune God
    • to manifest his authority in His sin-alienated creation.
    • by redeeming it from the domain of evil.
    • judging all enemies.
    • and bestowing the blessings of his beneficient reign
    • on and through His people
    • to the praise of His glory
  8. Attitude Toward History
    • 1) Triumphant: Gospel will prevail and the world will be Christianized.
    • 2) Transforming: Christians will penetrate society and Christianize its stuctures s part of the culture mandate.
    • 3) Prophetic: As it proclaims the gospel and seeks to win people to Christ, the church prroclaims righteousness in the culture by deed adn word & exposes its evils in a context of grace.
    • 4) Ambivalent: If the proclamation of the gospel results in revival, society will improve as a secondary effect.
    • 5) Negative: Only Messiah can change society. We save people form the world 9Satan's domain) and bring them into the church community that practices the separation of church & state. Lifeboat view.
  9. State & Defend
    Define your view with attention to:
    the interpretation of OT prophecy
    place of Israel
    nature of the kingdom
  10. State & Defend
    Define your view and be sure to address
    who is there
    punishement or exclusion
    everlasting or annihilation
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