English Vocab #17

  1. Lackadaisical
    adj. showing lack of interest; listless
  2. Lambaste
    v. to give a thrashing; to assault violently

    link: the lamb was lambasted
  3. Lampoon
    n. light, good-humored satire

    ex. a harpoon is rarely an example of a lampoon
  4. Languid
    adj. lacking energy; weak; showing little interest in anything

    link: a languid squid
  5. Latent
    adj. laying hidden or undeveloped; potential
  6. Lithe
    adj. bending easily and gracefully

    link: you must be lithe for gymnastics
  7. Logistics
    n. the management of the details of an operation

    link: the logistics of logs
  8. Maladroit
    adj. clumsy; inept

    ex. a maladroit of a male
  9. Malaise
    n. a vague feeling of bodily discomfort, as at the beginning of an illness

    link: malaise before malasia
  10. Malcontent
    adj./ n. dissatisfied with existing conditions; an unhappy person

    link: not content
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English Vocab #17
English Vocab #17