1. What is the first question to ask a person who you believe is suicidal?
    "Are you thinking about suicide?" or "Are you thinking about committing suicide?"
  2. If the person answers "Yes," what is the next question to ask?
    "What is your plan?"
  3. What is something you must always remember when asking these two questions?
    You must NEVER promise to keep something like this a secret! TELL A TRUSTED ADULT IMMEDIATELY!
  4. The more ________ the plan, the greater ____ of suicide
    Detailed, risk
  5. Make sure to do what with a person who you believe may be suicidal?
    * Ask direct questions- this is no time for hinting that you believe there may be a problem! It's time to take action!
  6. Attempt:
    Make an effort to accomplish, yet survive
  7. Why do more males complete suicide versus females?
    Males are more known to use a weapon, whereas, females are known to use pills
  8. Complete:
    Fully carried out, does not survive
  9. Even if the plan isn't very detailed, why should you still be worried about a friend who has thought of suicide?
    They are almost positively suffering from clinical depression. The fact that they've thought of killing themselves to get away from the pain they are dealing with absolutely means they need help.
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