English Vocab #16

  1. Incontrovertible
    adj. not able to be "turned against" or disputed; certain; indisputable
  2. Indolence
    n. inclination to laziness

    link: adolescence
  3. Influx
    n. a mass arrival or incoming; a continuous coming
  4. Intrepid
    adj. fearless; bold

    link: trep = trip, fearless to trip someone
  5. Inundate
    v. to overwhelm with abundance or excess; flood

    link: nun was inundated with dates
  6. Inure
    v. to get used to something undesirable; harden

    link: manure
  7. Jaunt
    n. a short pleasure trip

    link: jaunt = haunt = hunt, a jaunt of hunting
  8. Jetsam
    n./v. cargo or equipment thrown overboard to lighten an imperiled vessel; discarded odds and ends

    link: jets are jetsam in the water
  9. Kindle
    v. to cause to burn or ignite; to arouse or inspire

    link: a want to burn a kindle; kindle was kindled by amazon
  10. Kismet
    n. fate

    link: kiss me it's kismet
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English Vocab #16
English Vocab #16