English Vocab 1

  1. gaga (informal adj.)
    = excessively or foolishly enthusiastic; crazy
  2. ambiguous (adj.)
    = vague or unclear due to having more than one possible meaning or interpretation
  3. audacious (adj.)
    = extremely bold or daring; uninhibited
  4. precocious (adj.)
    = unusually mature in development, especially mental development
  5. redundant (adj.)
    = unnecessary repetition of word or idea
  6. cliche (noun)
    = a trite (overused) expression EX: "left me hanging"..."raining cats and dogs"..."take it one game at a time"..."in the middle of nowhere"... "in over my head"
  7. fabricate (verb)
    = to create; to make up for the sake of deception
  8. distraught (adj.)
    = worried or anxious
  9. pandemonium (noun)
    = wild excitement, chaos
  10. avert (verb)
    = to turn away, to prevent
  11. dissipate (verb)
    = to scatter or disperse, to make disappear
  12. mundane ( adj.)
    = common, ordinary
  13. oblivion (n)
    oblivious (adj.)
    • = forgetfulness, lacking awareness
    • = clueless, lacking awareness
  14. perpetual (adj.)
    = continual, continuous, without end
  15. vexed (adj. or v.)
    = irritated, annoyed

    adjective ex: I was vexed by his negativity to every suggestion I offered.

    verb ex: His negative response to every idea vexed me.
  16. stealthy or stealth (adj.)

    stealthily (adv.)
    = sly, sneaky, secretive

    = done in a sly, sneaky, or secretive manner
  17. appendage (n)
    = an auxillary part; an extremity (ex: arm, leg, tail, fin, leaf)
  18. ostracize (v)
    = to exclude (or banish), by consent, from a group (or society)
  19. cite (v) or citation (n)
    = (the act of) quoting a reference/authority; a summons to appear in court
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