1. What are psychoactive drugs?
    these are drugs altering people experiance and consiousnes
  2. What are addictive behaviour ?
    These are behaviours that have gotten out of control.
  3. What are four characteristics of drug addiction?
    • compulsive desire for a drug
    • need to increase the dosage
    • harm to the individual
    • harm to the society
  4. What is drug habituation?
    Routine of use of drug with out level of cumpultion, it has psychological but not physical effect. lesser version of addiction.
  5. What are characteristic of addictive behaviour?
    • Reinforcement ( reinforcing some aspect of behaviour)
    • compulsion/craving (compelling need)
    • loss of control (can not block impulse to do it)
    • esclation ( more of particular substance is required)
  6. What are stages of development of drug addiction?
    • Starts to bring pleasure and relieve pain
    • Developes when person becomes depende
    • Tolorance develope
    • Eventually becomes central focus
  7. What is a defenition of a drug?
    It is a chemical that affect structure or function of the body and the brain.
  8. What is the defenition of the addiciton?
    It is psychological and physical dependence
  9. What are some reasons for addiction?
    • personality
    • life style
    • heredity
    • environment
    • nature of substance
  10. What are some examples of addictive behaviour?
    • gambling ( 20 times suicide rate)
    • compulsive exersice
    • work addiciton
    • sex
    • shopping
    • internet
  11. What are sings of substance dependence?
    • Developing Tolorance
    • Experiancing withdrawl
    • consuming larger amounts
    • persistant desire to cut down
    • spending time to get the substance
    • giving up daily important activities
    • keep using substance despite problems
    • spending large time obtaining it
  12. Who uses drugs?
    • all income
    • all ethnic groups
    • all ages
    • young people
    • male
    • troubled adolescent
  13. What are some reasons that people use drug?
    • experiment
    • escape
    • solution
    • magnified by residance
    • allure of exiting and illigal
    • curious , vulnurable
    • need to appear
    • immitating adults
  14. What are some risk factors for drug dependence?
    • The physical risk:
    • genetic factors
    • prenatal exposure
    • chronic pain
    • psychological risk:
    • difficulty controlling impulses
    • strong need for excitment
    • failing or rejection
    • hostility
    • aggression
    • anxiety
    • mental illness
    • Social factors
    • growing up in family with drug use
    • other risk
    • intoxication
    • side effect ( paranoya, depression, heart attack)
    • Unknown drug constituent
    • risk associated with injection
    • legal consequances
  15. How do drugs affect the body?
    • Changes of brain chemistry
    • drug factors ( pharmacological property, dose response, time action, drug use, method of use)
    • user factors( body mass, general health, genetic factors, cocurrent use of other chemicals, pregnancy, placebo)
    • social factor ( physical, social environment)
  16. Psychoactive drugs:
    • Opioid (Narcatics, natural or synthetic)
    • opium, morphine, heroine,methadone,hydrocodone,oxycodone
    • relieve pain, cause drawsiness, induce, euphoria ( exaggerated feeling of well being)
    • deppressant ( reduces nerve and muscular activity)
    • seddation to death, alcohol and birbiturates
    • xanax, valium, roofies, liquid extacy
    • reduce anxiety, and cause mood change impare muscular coordination, drawsiness, sleep.
    • Stimulants ( increase nervous system activity, increase blood pressure, constric vein, increase heart rate)
    • cocaine ( coca shrubs can be snorted or injected, baking soda/ water to make it into crack, effects are intense/short)
    • Amphetamines ( synthetic) benzedrine, dexdrine, methedrine, small doses makes people more alert
    • Marijuana ( Most wildly used illigal drug)
    • Impairs driving performance
    • long term effect can cause respiratory damage
    • Hallusinogens: Alter user perception , thoughts and feelings. LSD adn mesclie
    • Inhalants
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