objective 11

  1. is a measure of an individual's hereditary contribution to the next generation
  2. the process by which individuals that are better adapted to their environment survive and reproduce more successfully than less well adapted individuals do; a theory to explain the mechanism of evolution
    natural selection
  3. is the development of new types of organisms from preexisting types of organisms over time
  4. is a trait that makes an individual successful in its environment, such as thick fur in cold climates
  5. is the remains or traces of an organism that died long ago
  6. is the study of the locations of organisms around the world
  7. is the study of evolution from a gentic point of view
    population genetics
  8. all of the genes of the reproductivley active members of a population
    gene pool
  9. is equal to the number of individuals with a particular phenotype divided by the total number of individuals in the population
    phenotype frequency
  10. is the movement of individuals to a population
  11. is the movement of individuals out of a population
  12. is the phenomenon by whcih allele frequencies in a population change as a result of random events, or chance
    genetic drift
  13. an evolutionary mechanism by which traits that increase the ability of individuals to attract or aquire males appear with increasing frequency in a population selection in which a mate is chosen the basis of a particular trait or traits
    sexual selection
  14. the internal and external structure and appearance of an organism
  15. is the physical seperation of member of a population
    geographical isolation
  16. states that all living things come from other living things
  17. an early and now disproved theory that living organisms come to life spontaneously from nonliving material.
    spontaneous generation
  18. on a graph of the frequency of some variable, a curve that first rises and then falls and thus forms a symmetrical bell-shaped curve.
    bell curve
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