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  1. _____ is the right to vote.
  2. In India, dowry killing?
    is illegal in india.

    death of young women who are murdered or driven to suidcide by harassments of husbands.
  3. In the 2003 decision of Lawrence v. Texas, the Supreme
    • laws held against sodony violated the due process of 14th amendment.
    • - was to invalidate all remaining sodomy laws through out the country.
    • deprived them of privacy rights and protection equal.
    • to guys having sex.
  4. Most American Law is based on?
    english common law
  5. The doctrine of Stare Decisis means?
    to stand on decided sases; the juicial policy of the following precedents established by past decisions.
  6. The federal court derives its power from _____ and is organized according to _______.
    us constitution art 3, congressional legislation.
  7. The authority of a court to hear and decide a particular class if cases is known as?
  8. A question that has to do with the U.S. Constitution, acts of Congress, or treaties is known as a _______ question.
    federal question
  9. Usually appellate courts look at questions of?
    law or allegations of proceduural error.
  10. According to the Constitution, the Supreme Court can exercise original jurisdiction?
    yes. trial ct in certain cases. affecting foreign diplomats a state is a party. work as an appeilate court.
  11. To engage in legal proceedings or seek relief in a court of law is to?
  12. A Writ of Certiorari by the Supreme Court orders?
    • issued by a higher court to a lower ct to send up the record of a case for review. 4-9 must review.
    • prepare a written brief in sum they make oral arguments. graned a party's petition for write of... to consider a case under the ct appelicate jurisdiction.
  13. A procedure used by the Supreme Court to determine which cases it will hear is called?
    rule of four
  14. If a case is remanded it?
    it is sent back to the court that originally heard the case for a new trial or proceeding.
  15. Financial awards in civil cases to deter similar behavior in the future are known as?
    punitive damages
  16. Under most state penal codes, traffic violations are classified as?
  17. Crimes committed by business professionals, such as embezzlement and fraud are called?
    white collar crime
  18. Municipal courts were created to legally deal with cases involving?
    • minor violation of state law c misdmeanor
    • violation of city ordinances.
  19. The Texas Constitution requires each county to have how many justices of the peace?
  20. The highest court of appeals in juvenile cases in Texas is the?
    district courts.
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