cpn exam

  1. - infection of meninges
    -viral or bacterial (ecoli, grp b strep most common)
    -hib vaccine prevents
    S/S: <2y - poor feeding, irritability, lethargy, hi pitch cry, bulging fontanel, fever or low temp, resisitence to being held, hyperextension of neck (opisthotonos)
    -S/S: >2y - resp or gi prob, stiff neck (nuchal rigidity), ha, tripod posturing, kernig sign (pain to knee ext), brudzinskis sign (fles knees when neck flexed-supine), *petechial rash*
  2. -chronic pulm dz of infancy marked by need 4 O2 ther beyond 28d of birth
    -usu affects very low birth wt w lung disorders
    -preemie on vent x hi O2 is at greatest risk
    CM: cyanosis on RA, tachypnea, rtx, grunting, nasal flaring, inc anterioposterior diameter of chest, wz, crackles, copius secretions, pulm edema, clubbing w severe dz
  3. CM: Prodromal - fever, ha, anorexia then earache aggravated by chewing
    Acute - by day 3, parotid swelling reaches maximal size & accomp by pain & tenderness
    SS: malaise, anorexia, lymphadenopathy
    comp: sterility in males, orchitis, epididmitis
  4. CM: abortive/apparent- brief fever, malaise, anorexia, n/v, constipation, ha, abd pain.
    nonparalytic - same as 1st but more severe pain. progresses to nuchal & spinal rigidity w changes in reflexes.
    paralytic - same as above but musclar weakness progressing to paralysis (incl bowel & bladder & paresis of resp muscles)
  5. CM: catarrhal stage - URI symptoms, lasts 1-2 wks when cough gets worse.
    Paroxysmal stage - (4-6 wks) "whooping cough" (usu @nite) dev accompanied by flushed or cyanotic cheeks, bulging eyes, protruding tongue. cough cont until mucus plug dislodged then vomitting.
    Convalescent - cough grad dec, no vomit, inc strength
  6. CM:nasal - same as cold, drainage becomes serosang, then mucopurulent w foul odor
    tonsillar/pharyngeal - malaise, anorexia, sore throat, dec fever, inc pulse, lymphadenitis (bull neck)
    laryngeal - fever, hoarseness, cough, potential airway obst
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