Vocabulary II

  1. languished (v)
    became weak, listless or depressed

    Cody languished over the hot girl sitting in front of him in Math. She would not talk to him she only spoke to his friend Scott.
  2. obsequiousness (n)
    the act of fawning, being subservient, sucking up to

    The servent showed absequiousness to his Lord the King by licking his shoes clean.
  3. exalted (adj)
    raised high, glorified

    The soldier was exalted to captain after his troops over took Germany.
  4. advocate (v)
    to speak in favor of; to support

    The teacher advocates parents working with their children at home on their reading.
  5. austere (adj)
    unadorned; stern; forbidding; without much money

    The austere priest did not allow dancing in his church.
  6. didactic (adj)
    instructive; intended to instruct

    The didactic poetry taught a lesson of forgiveness.
  7. propitiate (v)
    To gain or regain the favor or goodwill of; appease; conciliate

    The girl propitiated her teacher after apologizing for her rude behavior.
  8. disparated (adj)
    different, incompatible

    The two brothers have disparated ideas on girls. One likes blondes and the othe likes red-heads.
  9. gravity (n)

    He seemed to ignore the gravity of his illness.
  10. profound (adj)
    deep; insightful (the opposite fo superficial)

    His is a profound thinker; always analyzing the meaning of life.
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